An Influence of World War 1

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World war 1 was controversial because it was an important war that took place in our history. Many things did happen during this time that had a positive and negative effect.This war took place for 4 long years.This will include the life before the war,how it started,life during the war,the political leaders,non-combatants,generals,spies,soldiers,the strategies and intentions, and how they lived after, and what positive and negative effects did it have?

This period of time was a transition. The U.S had most of the power, that was called the great power. 1910, came around and they took the stand to lead through the industrial power. Other countries had some control, but the U.S was the most powerful. They did have cars but they were not as advanced as they are now, they were slow. They mostly used a carriage and a horse to get around. People would find out news through papers, and radios. Women were still discouraged. People looked at them as if they were more frail than men. Women would stay home and take care of the inside of the house and av efood ready for the men. If they did have children than the women would take care of them. They did not get the chance to go and do the job like men. If the women did get a job outside the house it would take place at a textiles industry, that's where they would design clothing,yarn,and etc.

When they did get the chance to work outside their home their income was still not as high as men. Men got paid the most, but they also still had responsibilities. Their job would to work on the outside of the home. They also worked on the farms,factories,and any job that had to do with heavy duty. They made sure they supplied the materials their family needed. They were the ones that mostly paid the bills around the house because they made more money. It was easier for men to get jobs because they would say the are stronger and harder workers than women. Before the war the women did a protest. The protest was a group of women that were known as the Suffragettes. This group went and protested that women should be equal to men, and have their right to go and vote. This protest was a group of women that were formed in 1897.That is how the life would be before the war.

Now the war is beginning on July 28,1914. The great war, as it was known to a generation aware that another, great war would soon follow,began relatively inconspicuous in August 1914 when forces of the Austro-Hungarian empire invaded the tiny Balkan nation of Serbia.(page 584) After that other nations jumped in and started a big fight. Little things added to the world war 1. The war did start after an assassination. Before the assassination there was things that added up to a war. This goes back to the year of 1839.

In 1839, Britain had a saying that they would protect Belgium this was during the treaty of london. Than that saying was going and years went by and a war was going on in 1871 that was called the Franko prussian war. Germany goes and starts things up by taking seats away from france, they were called alsace and lorraine. Germany Takes control over france and goes and bugs Austria Hungary. This starts a dual alliance, han france starts things up with Russia. This keeps going on for years. Then that's when an Bosnian serb named Gavrilo princep was in charge of Archduke Franz Ferdinand death. Him and his wife were killed. They were taking a trip to Bosnia and Austria province.

The assassination cause the world war 1, other things triggered it but this was the main cause. After the assassination Germany and Austria goes along and invades Serbia. While Russia jumps in and they go and take over Germany and Austria. France and Russia don't have beef so GErmany will go and invade France because Russia invaded them. When Germany went to invade France they went through Belgium and ibaded them. Then that is when Belgium's got mad at the Britain's because they said they would protect them and they didn't, so they started to go to war. World war 1 lasted for 4 long year and it went back and forth.That is how the war started, now lets see how life was during the war.

Life during the war was hard. Families like women and children were away from their husband and or dad for four years, and wouldn't know if they would see them again. While the men that had ro leave to go fight and to leave their wife and children hoping they come back alive.Women were not able to go and fight, it was only men. Men would either voluntary or told to go and fight. While this happened many jobs were opening because men had to go fight. From this it gave women a chance to work on farms and or factories. They needed people and their only choice was women. Women started to work at jobs that men had and would take care of their children. The world needed help because they lost so many men, so the children stepped up. During the war the children would help the women. They would dig holes for the food that needed to be planted. Carry the water to places it needed to be including wood. If they had younger siblings they would watch them for their mom. They would get blankets and fun things for the soldiers.

Animals during this time were helping to. Horses helped carry weapon for the war and bring soldiers to certain places. Dogs would help by protecting places, and carrying first aid stuff and if someone needed to mail a message the dogs would deliver it. Soldiers did not have much shelter, they would have to hide places. In 1914 trenches were discovered it was a ditch that was very narrow and soldiers would go there for protection and to rest, to them it was like a shelter. The trenches were not that great though.,they were dirty, did not smell great. The bad smell came from not showering, the dead bodies that were around, and from the toilets and or people going to the bathroom anywhere.

Also a bunch of different people would go in the trenches that diseases started to form. Not all soldiers liked going in trenches because they were not to keep them safe, most of the time when a soldier went in they are scared. Its like they are living in a scary place, they worry all the time. Sometimes there would be a distance between trenches, and it would be called a no man's land. Any soldier was scared to walk in that space and or to switch trenches because they might get attacked.When the soldiers did go in the trenches they would get covered in mud and sometimes it went higher.Sometimes the mud went so high and and it was very thick so when the soldier goes in the mud it would be hard to get out and they would get stuck and never be seen again. In the trenches there was rats found.The rats would keep coming because they would spot out the food, and go in the mud.

In the war there was many different generals leaders. Every country had a leader that they would follow,the leader would demand the soldiers to do things. Douglas Haig,was a commander and a general for Britain. He was born in Edinburgh that's located in Scotland. He was the one that was in charge of the corps when Britain first went to war with Germany.He was looked at very well because the soldiers he was in charge of fought very fiesty and well. He never gave up on his army and kept fighting. Than another one was Marshal Philippe Petain, he was considered a saver for Verdun.He was agenral that would go and have verduns back and kept the french army together. A commander in chief that goes and force with Europe. He was in charge and told the soldiers what to do. He was known under the name of John J. Pershing. Ataturk had to do the role of keeping the enemies away. He was a commander that would be for the seventh army. He also was known for being the person that started and was in charge of the national movement that took place during the war that was for independence.

A major success happened and he went higher to run the german army he did this with Hindenburg. Even though he was successful running the army they did have downfalls, the year 1918 his army was not that great they went down hill and were not fighting great. Alfred Von Tirpitz was an admiral thats for Germany. He was in charge to be prepared for the pre war and prepare the navy for germany. He had a submarine that did not help him much and made him leave in 1916. Next there was political leaders that were during the world war 1. Kaiser Wilhelm led germany to fight and to get more power because he thinks they should have more power. He was the one that took some blame for Germany influencing of them taking charge of the war. Next this person did not think America should go to war, that they should stay out of it.

Later on 1917 came around and things started to frustrate him, After that in that year that when he finally wanted to go to war and they did against Germany. This was Woodrow Wilson. A minister of Uk that was in 1916 organized the britains. He tried fixing things and improving stuff to make them become more successful. He had an idea that he hoped made them have an advantage it was called a war cabinet and contained five people that were key in it. V.lenin was also a leader in world war 1. He was part of the Russian revolution. He was the person that successfully brought peace he had the russian revolution agree with the mean peace treaty that was with germany and they let the problem go.

Many men went out to fight for their country. These men sacrificed their life for their country, knowing they have a fifty-fifty chance of not coming back to their family. Many soldiers did not return home he was killed the last year of the war which is 1918. He was one of the top soldiers, and was a hard fighter and never gave up. His name was Baron Manfred Von Richthofen. A next soldier that also lost his life the last year of the war was Wilfred Owen.He lost his life going to a trench. His death was in action and he volunteered to go and fight. A soldier T.E Lawrence was an officer too, he was part of the British. He helped form arabs they would fight against Ottoman empire.

Some countries had strategies they planned out, they use different weapons that are more advanced and would help them out. Germany started off fast by doing different things, they had an idea that no one else did. In the trenches they would dig to their enemy spot n use an explosive to blow it up. Next both enemies would try to dig to the enemies spot, but it would not work out all the time. When this happened they started to fight. They would not have any strong weapons so they used their digging materials and would beat up the other opponent. The beginning of the war neither country had powerful weapons, but as days went on fighting new things were brought into the war. This included tanks, machine guns, mortars,deadly gasses, a flamethrower and more.

The tanks were useful but not always. The tanks could get stuck easily because the mud would soften and it would not move so it doesn't benefit the team. Than machine guns were very powerful in the beginning of 1914. Not every country had a machine gun so whoever did made damage to the enemies. As the war went on by the end in 1918 every country and person had one so it was not as powerful. The gasses would get used to throw in an enemies trench. They would throw it when they know people are in their trenches. When it was windy the country that threw glasses had to wear masks so they would not kill themselves. Lastly another strategy was flamethrowers. Flamethrowers was invented from the Germans. There strategy for this was to throw it and it catch land on fire so the enemies could not pass it.

I believe this war had both positive and negative effects. Some examples of these positive effects is, people received better understanding of how to use air power, better technology and more people getting to travel to foreign countries. Positive effects war tends to have is they speed up technological effects and developments. This was definitely the case for WW1. Examples of this may be, the invention of tanks, the effect of improving the engine. Which then concluded to the everyday use of the automobile. Although, the war had great effects on technological equipment; it also had a positive effect for women. The war helped women recieve opportunities such as, giving women jobs that were previously only considered by men and giving women the vote in 1919. The war also helped women in their social outlook forever.

Yes WW1, had many great positive effects on the people. However, it also came with negative effects as well. One big negative effect was the suffering and deaths of the war. Approximately, 17 million people died and 20 million were injured. Many people also died because of the diseases the war caused, which led to an even greater number of deaths. Another negative effect was the war actually brought no peace to europe or the world itself. Many casualties and bad effects happened because of the war, such as, the eruption of many wars. Wars such as the russian civil war and the effect of WW1 in the Versailles Treaty, played a role in causing the start of WW2. Other major casualties were many dangerous weapons were created.


    This source was very useful. This helped me on many things and finding out facts and the problems in the war. It also talked about how the war was started and who fought against who.
    This source helped me find important people. It also told me what they were and what country they had helped. This would tell me how the people not just the soldiers. I used this when I talked about the soldiers, generals, political leaders, and more.
    This is where I got my details for how life was during the war, and how the soldiers lived in their trench. Trenches were not amazing and enjoyable as it may seem like. Trenches did not protect the soldiers, the enemies still found out ways to destroy or hurt them.
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