Why Socialism would Ruin our Country

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Socialism is like having perpetual energy, for you cannot discard it. Many say it is a free lifestyle, for everyone is equal. Socialism in the past has had a goal of giving anyone who is not capable of working the same freedoms as someone who is. Yes, free healthcare and higher education sounds great but many do not see the truth of what that would do to the United States. Being completely equal in any type of workforce would damage our society and make everyone reliant on the government and not on themselves. Even though socialism can provide the needy, everyone should work for their pay and realize that healthcare is close to impossible to make free and that socialism is very similar to communism.

Socialism is a social theory that governments should control and own their nation’s resources rather than each individual owning them. Allen West, editor at CNS News, states, “And now it appears that we have indeed come upon “THESE” times once again. At the time, we had a new nation, struggling for its independence against a tyrannical monarchy, King George III of England” (West 2019). West compares the views of socialism to a monarchy. This makes the topic of socialism in America have a very different viewpoint for those who are in favor of turning all of our justice over to the government leaders who would control everything we once could have owned. That, in fact, is not why the United States was built to begin with. The people seeking freedom, those who built this country upon justice, came to America in hopes of governing themselves rather than being ruled by King George III. According to Melissa Hurst, instructor at study.com, says that, “Capitalism affords economic growth. Socialism, which is an economy controlled by the state and planned by a central planning authority, provides for a greater social welfare and decreases business fluctuations” (Hurst 2014). Providing to all would be amazing but from a realistic standpoint, there is not true way to make that possible without making the Unites States and its people so reliant on the government to receive something that they could receive on their own.

As the presidential election comes soon in the year 2020, many Democratic candidates who have said that they are running for president have actually pushed to change the United State’s capitalistic system to a socialist country. Bernie Sanders, who is said to be the most wanted Democratic candidate running for office in 2020, is very confident that our country shall be consumed by socialism. Sanders once said, "A nation will not serve morally or economically when so few have so much, while so many have so little" (Sanders). Yes, there are many circumstances in which socialism could benefit those who are not in a stable condition. But, many who do “have so much” (Sanders), have also worked their way up in the work field and have dedicated themselves to a job that provides them with so much. Also, many people's morals are not based off of the very fortunate giving to those who do not work at all. Those who are capable of working should check what their morals are and put themselves in a, for example, fortunate person’s mind and make them give up their hard work and earnings to someone who chooses to be lazy and rely on the government for their fundings. Thomas Jefferson once said, “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have” (Jefferson). Thomas Jefferson said that many years ago and just now it is relating to today’s world. This quote is very true because once the government runs out of funds to provide for all, everything the people have will be stripped from them. Just like in Cuba, they have lost everything and many cannot even have meals because of the decrease in production. Socialism is unfair, because those who do put all of their effort into making a great living for themselves would lose all credit to those who may not even work at all. Socialism calls for an even battlefield, but that should not be forced upon citizens who do put everything they have into their job to make the earnings that they do.

With this in mind, many that may not work at all shall see that in this capitalist nation, you have to work for what you earn. Take Cuba, for instance, who has tried to become a socialist country. Lorenzo Canizares states, “Because of the worsening Cuban economic situation, in 1980 tens of thousands of Cubans fled their country, forced to accept an uncertain future in the U.S. But unlike the early 1960’s immigrants who were generally from wealthy backgrounds, the 1980 immigrants were mainly workers and peasants, with a significant number of Afro-Cubans. From my interviews with these refugees, from journalist and academic accounts, and from statements of the Cuban leaders themselves, it becomes clear that the Cuba of today is not a revolutionary country” (Canizares 1983). Canizares wrote that statement in 1983. Imagine what he would think about the United States even considering socialism. With the downfall of socialism in Cuba, those Democratic candidates should consider how much they would ruin this country with socialism. Not only for the the citizens who are living in the United States, but for those immigrants who are fleeing their own socialist country to come to the United States for freedom. Those who believe that socialism would boost our economy should read what Lorenzo Canizares has to say about Cuba, for he has witnessed it for himself.

Consequently, socialism would be great for those in need, but it would seriously put a huge dent on those who work hard for what they recieve. Not only would socialism affect hard workers, it would affect the United State’s economy. The use of socialism, like stated before, would make the nation’s workers reliant and lazy because they would have the option to get paid without working none to little. So, being said, the candidates running in the 2020 election should consider the consequences that socialism would have on the United States. This country cannot afford a downfall, such as Cuba has experienced. The United States should protect their freedoms and justices at all costs, rather than turning to socialistic ways.

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