Why did Islam Spread so Quickly?

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Islam is the name of the religion and how Muslims are the people who follow it. I watched the video, “What Islam really says about women” and I really liked her view point and how she explained things, but it’s clear she holds a lot of bias. One of her opening lines is, 'The only way to ensure the participation of women globally is by reclaiming religion.' This is when I made the connection that she hold high respect for her religion and feels as if anything could be conquered because of it. However I read a lot of the comments and they were quick to call her “brainwashed” and stuff of that matter. I think that’s because everyone has embedded assumptions and didn’t fully give her a chance to speak and give her message. I can’t come to any conclusions from her speech, but I can say she seemed genuinely happy and passionate. Not once did I feel she was oppressed. Believe what you will, but if she’s happy being motivational woman as a Muslim then I support it. However some of her ideas like the one about “reclaiming religion” seem a little off to me. I don’t think that religion is necessarily the best way to ensure women get the best treatment they deserve.

Reading the text has taught me many things about Islam. Islam is an essential religion to know much more about it for a lot of reasons. One of the reasons to learn about the Muslim faith is that it is the second largest and fastest growing region in the world. Also, the population of Muslim in the United States is increasing at a higher speed, and therefore it will be detrimental to be ignorant about the Muslim religion. Politics is also about Islam and the Middle East. Knowing and understanding something about Muslim individuals as well as the Qur’an teachings is an essential task for all the educated and modern people.

Also, I learned that Islam is a monotheistic faith. That surrendering God’s the most critical human task. It is essential to understand that Islam religion is about God as well as its teachings. Also, Muhammad is not considered divine and worshipped as Jesus as in the Christian faith. Mohammed is viewed as just as a prophet. He is a channel of passing God’s message to people.

I have learned that many people are not aware that Islam honors other faiths, but feel that over time has been corrupted. For instance, the Trinity teaching in Christianity is viewed as a pure monotheism corruption. Also, I noted that Islam holds honored position for Jesus, though does not consider him as divine. All Muslims also agree to abide by a few religious duties by all standards: The Islam centers practice known as the Five Pillars: reciting the verse or creed that says that there is Allah but no God, Mohammed is the Prophet of God, having prayer five times daily, keeping fasts, giving alms and making pilgrimage Mecca(Ellwood and McGraw, 430.)

The recitation of the creed is what makes one be considered officially as a Muslim. There is no baptism ceremony in Muslim as in Christianity. By submitting to the will of God, known as Allah by Mohammed, then a person is considered to be a Muslim.

Besides, fasting during the month of Ramadan is deemed to be a reasonably hard feat. All the time, one does not go without drink or food, though alcohol and food (and smoking and sex for instance) are very limited for several hours without sustenance. Muslim can drink and eat after the sunsets and sun rises. The idea is to have self-discipline as well as place essential things of life in their proper perspective. A fast during Ramadan is not just food. People are requested to forego evil thoughts, smoking, and sex during the same period (Stout and Daniel). Evil thoughts include unforgiving ideas, bitterness, and gossip. The objective is to make the month of Ramadan a holy renewal month. Muslims bodies become more disciplined and leaner and so should their emotions and thoughts.

Fasting is also one way of practicing solidarity mainly with those individuals who do not have enough. Pilgrimage is the anticipation that they will attempt to go to Mecca in their lifetime at least once. There are, however, exceptions, if you are disabled or sick. This pilgrimage is essential for many more reasons, as it is the event that supports and creates community, particularly now that the religion attracts many people to Mecca from a different part of the world. Islam is a religion that is not separate from society and culture. Muslims does not believe in the separation of state and church (which is a source of misunderstandings between the western world and Islam). Life of Muslim is to submit to God entirely, and this is conducted best in the culture that encourages submission. It makes it manageable to pray five times each day as requested.

Also, I noted that the Roman Catholic Church was in the same position for many thousands of years or more. No separation of state and Church until the constitution of the United States of America came into being (McGee and Robert 660). That is a good reason why Muslims fear democracy. In Islamic history and culture, civilization has found specific ways to express itself through artistic creation. Calligraphy is the most outstanding form. Muslims do not believe in the idea that artists ought to take pictures of their God, Allah since he is supposed to be omnipotent and beyond the human imagination. It is a good reason; you cannot see images of Allah in mosques, suppressing the need to create art. Most people have to look for new ways to express themselves in art. One form of art in Islamic that has become popular that has to do with their passion and love of the Quran is their most beautiful calligraphy.

The Qur’an is seen as the work of not only a spiritual and religious genius but as well as the literary masterpiece. Maybe Muslims memorize large sections of Quran book; they have it in their minds and assist them to offer an expression to the poetry of Islam.

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