Comparison of Islam and Christianity

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Have you ever wondered how it is possible that the sky is resting still without any pillar or support? Have you ever been in a conversation with someone thinking that how the sun lightens the day and how the moon and stars glitters the night? The answer to this is the creator of everything, God. Islam and Christianity are the biggest and most known monotheistic religions in the world, they are known to have so many similarities, yet they still fight. Being the most dominant religions for hundreds of years, they both have holy scriptures, have faith in Prophets, believe in the afterlife, and have specific rituals.

Many nations are blessed by God with holy scriptures which guides them to righteousness. Fortunately, Muslims and Christians are one of them. God has bestowed His countless blessings upon them, and the most emerging of them all are the scriptures. The scriptures are the compilation of the true word of God. The religion Islam is given the holy book, Koran, which according to Muslims is a book for all mankind, while Christianity is blessed with the Bible. The scriptures are an effective tool for these religions as they provide essential and authentic solutions for even minor queries. Correspondingly, the scriptures prevent the nations from going astray. Moreover, both Koran and Bible discusses about Christianity and Islam. For example, the Muslim’s scripture mentions that there were other scriptures sent by God before the Koran; which were the Torah to Moses, Psalms to David and Bible to Jesus. Furthermore, the Koran also includes the miraculous birth of Jesus (pbuh) to Mary, a pious woman who was never touched by a male and was chosen by God for this magical episode, uplifting her dignity above all other women. Similarly, the Christian Bible reinforce this information discussing that Jesus (pbuh), a son of God was born to Mary. With these similarities, both scriptures do contradict each other. Muslims believe that all the scriptures sent before the Koran, including the Bible, were corrupted by their nations and Koran is the only authentic word of God. For example, the opening of the second chapter of the Koran states, “This is the book in which there is no doubt….” (“Koran”). Likewise, Christians believe that the Bible is reliable and perfect. Additionally, the Koran is divided into 114 chapters, however, the Bible is the amassing of sixty-six books.

Being unique religions because of scriptures, Islam and Christianity also approve their beliefs in the line of Prophets. Both religions maintain a coinciding path believing that there were Prophets sent to other nations before Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and before Jesus (pbuh). These include Noah, Joseph, Moses, David, Abraham, Solomon, Isaac and Jacob and so on who preached the message of God to the respective nations they were sent to. 

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