Christianity Judaism and Islam in Today’s Society

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In today's society, there are a lot of contentious acts that have been caused because of the different beliefs that other people have in their religions. The problem with that, is the United States is a free country, yet we still will call people out for being in a different religion than the majority practices. Although there are many problems with people believing differently than what a great portion does, there are three main religions and they have many similarities and differences; Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, but there is a lot of information on just those three religions themselves. Christianity is 31.2% of the populations, although the religions of Islam, and Judaism do not take up as much of the population, it is predicted that by 2050 that these two religions will surpass Christianity by far. Christianity is a very common religion in the United States of America, and their religion and teachings are based on the teachings of the Jesus of Nazareth. After people die, christians believe that they go to heaven if people do believe in him and trust him they go to heaven, but if the people do not, they go to hell. Each religion has a different text or scripture that they read from, and for Christians it's the bible. Between the holy scripture that the Christians use, there are many different holy places. An example of a few are: Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Lourdes (a popular place of pilgrimage), Rome, and Canterbury. Christianity is a very complicated religion, but they can have very simple beliefs. Many of the people in this religion do very helpful things for their communities. In the religion of Judaism, there are only Jewish people because in order to be in this religion people have to be born into to the religion or have a family member that was Jewish. The religious figure for the Jewish people is HaShem, he is called by this name, although his name was formerly known as Tetragrammaton. There is a vast amount of sacred texts in this religion, but one of the larger texts is the Hebrew Bible, and also the Torah. In the Jewish religion, they believe that nothing really happens after death. If you ask a Jewish person what happens after death, they may say one of the three things: don't care, don't know, or two men three afterlives. The last phrase means one single person could have three different views on the afterlife because there is no definitive answer to what happens to a person after the die. Although the information of a Jewish afterlife is just belief, there is a sacred place in the city of Jerusalem. The last religion is Islam, and one fact about this particular religion is, it is one of the three religions that have a lot in common, from their beliefs to the way they practice them. The religious figure in Islam is the same god as Judaism, HaShem. There are a lot of sacred texts, and one of the main sacred texts is the Quran, but these religions also have a sacred building called Mosque, which has the Quran located inside. Islam and Death states, Muslims believe that on a day decided by Allah, and known only to Allah, life on earth will come to an end and she will destroy everything. Islam and Death also states, On this day all the people who have ever lived will be raised from the dead and will face judgement by Allah. Muslims believe that they will remain in their graves until this day. This day is called by several names; and one of them is called, the last hour. There are many similarities and differences in the religions, of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. One of the major similarities is, the religions, all come from Abraham and his sons Ishmael, and Isaac. These religions also share the old testament, a belief in God, and believe in the afterlife. The biggest difference in the three religions is that most Christians believe that Jesus was divine, and the son of God. Islam reveres Jesus as a prophet only, and this religion does not think that he was in any way holy. Judaism also does not think Jesus is the Son of God. Within the religions Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, there are many similarities and differences, but those are the main ones. In conclusion, there is a plethora of information on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, but there are also a number of facts and information on the similarities and differences. People around the world practice many different things, and there are a vast amount of religions, but only 4,200 religions remain. In the religion Judaism(Jewish people), there is no definitive answer, for how many people practice Judaism, because the number is always changing. One more thing, if a person references a Jewish person as a Jew, it is likely they will get offended.
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