Why Cloning is Bad for Society?

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Cloning is a very tough topic. People are confused of it, maybe a little afraid. Cloning has many reasons why it's bad. Here are a few.

Cloning isn't natural. This day and age most of our everyday things aren't natural like cell phones, the gasoline for our cars. They ruin our planet and our lives. I think if we add human cloning to that long list of unnatural things it would just be a mess. We are becoming zombies and just adding more would be of no use. The government can't use them for projects they are still humans and that would just be unfair. I believe everything happens for a reason and natural human life is one of the most beautiful things why ruin it.

Cloning is so expensive, and why waste money on it when you can use that money to build schools and make the next generation in a good space. According to North Carolina State it would cost at least $50,000! At least! That is just crazy. You could buy a car with that. I know a human life isn't worth any money but why pay so much when there are so many more options like adoption. I could never really understand how orphans feel but I would imagine they feel forgotten and lonely. They are worth it, we should think of them before we start forgetting them.

I know cloning has some pros like curing disorders but is it really worth it? According to Crystal Lombardo from the Green Garage Blog, cloning could divide us as people. She says clones who are not treated as human beings can lead to social unrest and divide. I completely agree with her we have so many issues like the political parties always bickering, racism, sexism,etc. We need to figure out the problems we already have before making new ones.

It would just be cruel to make clones to us and to them they would feel as an object and that is not okay. Cloning could be a great thing but I highly doubt it. It would be too much of a risk.

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