What Makes a Successful Hotel?

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The hospitality industry is one of the largest industries in this world, almost every country has their own hospitality industry, including both developed and developing ones. Nowadays, with the trend of globalization, hospitality industry had a worldwide advancement which accompanied the development of travel industry, hospitality industry attracted lots of investor’s interests. At the same time, what makes a successful hotel really confused some hotel managers, they may have enough fund and relevant resource but the truth is their hotel spend beyond their income.

Generally speaking, a successful hotel is not simply created overnight. To be more precise, an eligible hotel manager must know that a successful hotel is combined with lots of tiny but essential factors. Thus, this essay will specifically talking about some neglected factors that determine a hotel’s success. 

Choose a wise location

The main thing in the location of a successful hotel is the accessibility to using infrastructural facilities, such as the possibilities of use the transport, health and safety facilities. In addition, the hotel manager also need to consider about the surrounding scenery, environmental friendly and easily accessible. In other words, hotel clients will find that the location of a hotel will play a huge role in their overall enjoyment of the trip.

That is because a wise location will significantly cut down the time that clients waste in public traffic or attempt to navigate an unfamiliar city. For hotel’s perspective, a centrally located hotel will increase the efficiency by allowing all hotel staff more time to work and cooperate with colleagues. 

First and last impression are the key to success

First and last impression is vitally important keys to make a hotel outstanding, A good first impression makes the hotel distinctive and give clients an unforgettable experience so they will willing to come back and recommend this hotel to their friends; In the same way, last impressions are just as important, especially when clients checking out a hotel, would they prefer to hear hotel staffs wish they have a nice vacation? Or would clients prefer hotel staff to say that they look forward to seeing them again? The answer is definitely. On the other side, assume that if two hotels are making similar efforts, then what can they do to be more remembered than their competitors? Hence, first and last impression is the original characteristic inside the hotel that clients see, it is important for hotel managers to give their clients good impressions. 

Moderate decorations make the hotel personalize

1.Use light to decorate hotels. “It was essential to give a feeling of luxury and comfort to the building, and the lighting had a key part to play – not least because little natural light reaches the central spaces. Part of the reason for using LEDs is that they are fully controllable.

You can make them do what you want.” (Krishan P., 2001) Hotel is a place for people to communicate, lighten up, socialize or simply entertainment. In fact, use nature light flexible will make the ambiance positively and life-giving during the day, use moderate lightings will create a tranquil atmosphere that makes clients fell more relaxing and disengaged during the evening. Lighting sets the mood that enhances the guest experience. 

2. Create a unique and differentiated lobby. The lobby as a part of hotel is a foyer in a building, which is an entrance to the outside.

The hotel lobby can directing guests to the various regions of the hotel. Therefore, lobbies has the single hugely impact on clients, hotels are using their lobbies to give their clients a professional working attitude. Generally speaking, lobbies are playing significant role in a hotel, here are some essential elements that the hotel manager should concern about: Bold colors, high-technology lighting applications and sculptural furnishings and finishes typify the latest trends in lobby design(Mucci, K., 2005). Studying and adopting such factors could help hotel managers and designers to run their hotels in an individual, comforting and attractive atmosphere and deliver a positive lobby impression to the clients. 

Hotel cleanliness enhance the reputation

Hotel cleanliness is one of the most vital elements which can obtaining clients loyalty. Contrast with the quality and the services attitude, good healthy environment in the hotel may require a specialty cleaning solution. For instances, a hotel room that permits smoking or pets friendly will require extra sanitary equipments and ventilation system.

Additionally, “Some common amenities are offered in hotels like complimentary food, event rooms and gym equipment. These all require a more frequently cleaning as the areas in which they are located tend to dirty faster.” Consequently, it is necessary for hotel managers to utilize a specific hotel cleaning strategy to cater for different customer’s demands. Essentially speaking, hotel is a facility that needs a professional cleaning strategy and this strategy can eventually influence all commercial targets. The health standard plays an decisive role in the reputation of the hotels. Clients will feel pleasant only in the room which is decent and well ordered.

Accordingly, having a clean and refreshing environment will enhance a hotel’s reputation, satisfied clients will coming back and create positive word of mouth because they are delighted with their experiences and know what they look forward. 

Select a reasonable marketing strategy 

1. Find helpful marketing partners and agencies The partnership marketing. “Traditionally known as “cooperative advertising,” partnership marketing is a grass-roots approach to making marketing dollars last, and extending your brand to people and market segments you didn’t have direct access to before.”(Freeman.A., ND) As a leader of the hotel, managers must aware the importances of having some marketing partners.

Find a helpful partnership could gain some potential clients. 

In managers perspective, checking at the products they utilized in their hotels and communicate with the companies which supplies these hotel facilities could completely enhance their brand. In addition, other creative opportunities for potential partners can be found by looking at the vendors, not only vendors who are creating products for the hotel, but also vendors who can bring mutual benefits for the hospitality industry. 

2. Analysis the occupancy rate. Occupancy rate is the percentage of all rental units in hotel are occupied or rented at a certain period.

“Occupancy data provide the one widely available, consistent and temporally disaggregated means of monitoring hotel performance at the individual hotel level across the industry.” Analysis occupancy rates gives hotel manager a clearly trend of the fluctuating fortunes of individual hotels, and visualize the future tendency and fluctuations within hotel industry. 

From different perspective

Sometimes hotel managers are so busy to organizing and managing their own business, they usually ignore that their commercial behavior are based on their clients and employees. Indeed, sometimes the faceless, nameless clients and normal executants cannot listed in commercial plan, but a sophisticated hotel managers will tend to think in different perspective as an entity. Literally speaking, clients as numbers that bring in income to the hotel and employees will keep business going.

managers should invest enough time and effort to discover their clients and staffs as a human being who also thinks and plans, managers need to figure out what specific needs and expectations do they have, attempt to balance the marketing objectives and interior demands. 

Today’s employees want a say in the way a business is run. Customers see a business as being there to provide for and service their needs (Belilos C. 1997).Analyze the customers and employees.

Prepare a questionnaire form. Make sure the questions are targeted and obviously displayed, thank the people who fill it. Seeing things from the different perspective and encouraging our employees to do so will not only lay the course for a successful business, but guide whole hotel toward a successful future. 

Work cites 

  1. Mucci, K., 2005. Let there be light. Hospitality design,27(2): 40-43.


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