What is 1984 About?

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Book 1984, before beginning with this incredible story, let's talk about, what is the book 1984? Is most of the famous book ever in worldwide except in United States of America (USA), the world 1984 is one in which eternal warfare is the price of bleak prosperity, in which the Party keeps itself in power by complete control over man's actions and his thoughts, As the lovers Winston Smith and Julia learn when they they try to evade the Thought Police, and then join the underground opposition, the Party can smash the last impulse of love, the last flicker of individuality. But why is this famous not famous in the USA? Well, this is the million question, because here is why this essay would be the best essay ever, and this is where this story begins.

The U.S has been most of the top powerful countries, because of the money, because of the big land and of course of the technology. The U.S has cameras on every single street, and on every single alleys. That is why, the book 1984 relates to the actually parts of the world, but more in the U.S.A. The U.S wants actually to be one of the top powerful country within technology, they want to watch every single day if their people are being good people and loyal to the country.

The book 1984 is about a man that controls everyone, watching them through cameras. This man is named as Big Brother, he is the most powerful person in the story.
The U.S head leaders wants to be like Big Brother, they want to control everything even animals we could suggest, and of course they want to have all the money, so they can be powerful and pay for any person that wants to discover if they are doing something bad or if they are hiding something.

As a great teacher said once, they are doing something good on one hand, but they are actually doing something else on the other hand.

Today, there are a lot of cameras in everywhere, supposedly the head leaders says that those cameras are for our safety, but that is actually true, that's an advantage for us if something happen, like just in case, so this is an example of how the head leaders are doing a good thing on a hand. Another reason for the cameras are for watching us, watch what are we doing in every single second, minute, hour, day, etc. There is not an actually reason of why do they want to watch us, but this is an example of how they are doing something else, in the other hand, while people are focusing on the first example.

The head leaders had payed to people to be quiet, to don't say anything if they find something, so this is practically the same on 1984, because the Big Brother (BB) urged people to be in his side, paying them good enough for their entire life, he urged them to be in his side, so they will gain good things, so that is how Big Brother is doing a good thing is one hand, while he is destroying the life of London's people on the other hand.

This book is very popular in a lot countries in worldwide, except in the U.S, but why? It's not popular because is practically describing of how people is treated within the country. They cannot do something for themselves because they already know that either someone is watching them. They have no privacy and that is very frustrated to live in that kind of life, so a lot of people say that they don't recommend the U.S as a wonderful place to live or work, because is actually a terrible lifestyle living there. A lot of people prefered to leave the country, pack up their stuff and star thinking living in another country or in another continent, like Europe or they just prefered to live in Central America, like in Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica or Panama, or just going straight down to South America.

Perhaps, in the 1984's world, the people would like to leave the country, they would like to live in another continent, in another perspective, they would like to just be free.
They would like to just do whatever they want without being watched, just doing what they prefered, like personal things.

There are other things that this book has, that related to daily life, it appears, prostitute, people killing people, fights, poverty, and slavery.
This main thing was like describing some parts of the U.S.A, maybe not the entire country but just some parts that has either one or the entire examples, that's why the american's head leaders didn't like the book, because it was exposing the whole truth, oh how the head leaders takes everything and let people do whatever they want but also being watch.


In Summary, this book is talking of how the world and more the U.S.A is controlling everything, their people, their moves, what do they do in every single day.
That is why the book 1984 is related to it, because has parts that are talking about Big Brother and how he is controlling everything, so the author wants to make the readers to think in their country, if anything from it relates to your country or either everything. The author wants the readers to think for a little while of how the head leaders are doing something in one hand, and something else in another hand. The author also wants the readers to think for a little while as well, in thinking of how the technology can be an advantage for the human being, and disadvantages as well.

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