Picture of Government in 1984

As in 1984, surveillance and lack of privacy is the main topic and key theme. As human beings we are completely being monitored on our technology devices of any sort. By being monitored the Government can see exactly what we are doing. Unfortunately, some things are meant with good intent, some are not so good. For example, when you head to the airport and go to a different country they ask you questions until they get what they want. The Government has released multiple articles regarding the privacy of a good samaritan. By the Government releases information it is supposed to keep people informed with what is happening.

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The Government will never be totally in control of our life, because we will only enable what we want. We cannot control the fact that technology is so easily accessible, but we can control how it is used. It is your choice to go out and buy a smartphone, just like it is your choice to download social media networks that make seeking eachothers personal information easy. Social media is the biggest comparison i can make from our current lives to 1984. We subject ourselves to the government’s surveillance due to all the upcoming technology. As the naive humans we are, we allow our thoughts and beliefs to be influenced by social media. No one really has their own opinion anymore, just like the people of Oceania.

In 1984, the purpose of technology is to have complete control over citizens in Oceania, they do not want anyone to have their own opinion, beliefs, or rights. Big brother uses technology to make sure there is no such thing as personal thoughts or feelings. Many say that George Orwell wrote 1984 as a warning/prediction for what technology would do to us in modern day time. What is different for us is that we willingly allow the government to have nonstop surveillance of us because of all the new and upcoming technology. Technology today has become so advanced and electronic that we open up our homes and minds just to make it easier on ourselves. On the positive side of the advancement of technology, we are able to travel new exotic places, keep in daily touch with friends who live across the world, and we have cures for millions of illnesses and diseases.

Orwells hidden message in writing 1984 is to not to make us hate the government, but to forewarn us what will happen if we allow the government to gain too much control. Orwell shows us what a world with no freedom or privacy would look like. He wants to make readers aware of one big possibility that could happen if the government ever gets too powerful to overthrow. In some ways our technology is taking us closer and closer to a world like Big Brother, because everything is at the touch of our fingers. Our society is gradually becoming more and more democratic which, in theory means we care more for the people, but in reality it means we love the government and want them to help us in every way from providing healthcare, paying medical costs, and raising our pay for the simplest of jobs which really just means giving the government full and total control over our civilian lives.

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