What Caused the Napoleonic Wars

The Napoleonic Wars were a series of wars between Napoleonic France and its neighboring countries. Napoleon was defeated in 1815 at the Battle of Waterloo. France, later on, suffered from both losses in World War I and II. The first war Napoleon ever started was the Third Coalition. The main reason I believe the wars lead by Napoleon was continuing the Wars of the French Revolution, which Great Britain and France fought for supremacy, and also treating weaker powers in Europe harshly.

After Napoleon and his troops defeated the Prussians and Holding Wellington of Waterloo, Napoleon’s marshals failed to attack their enemy while their armies were separated.

While Napoleon’s plan was delayed because of to wait for the water to dry, the delay gave Blucher’s group time to arrive at Wellington and later defeat Napoleon.

B. The War of the Third Coalition was a War between France and its conquered countries, against the Third Coalition, an alliance, which later on

1. The Third Coalition was the Alliance of the Holy

Roman Empire, Russia, Great Britain, and other

countries. The War of the Third Alliance lasted from

1803 to 1806 and was defeated by Napoleon.

II. Body:

Contention I. The start of the Napoleonic Wars

After Napoleon overthrew the government and crowned himself the leader of France in 1804, his wars started after the end of the French Revolution and were said to be continuing the French Revolution.

Napoleon’s wars were mainly between France and Britain, along with Great Britain and its allies against France and the countries it conquered.

When after Napoleon Bonaparte became powerful in 1799, France and Great Britain fought for supremacy, Britain, and France both strong powers. The wars were ended in 1815 when Napoleon was defeated in the Battle of Waterloo.

Contention II. Napoleon’s change to Europe

After when Napoleon was defeated in the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, it also led a significant loss to France which later on suffered from losses in World War I and II.

Even though France suffered, Napoleon also made vast changes in military systems in Europe. For example, cannons became lighter and moved faster, European Armies became larger, and yet with better food supplies.

After the defeat of Napoleon, Europe was able to enjoy a time of peace, due to the continent being ruled by a balance of power.

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