VIP Delegations – Procedures and Approach

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Title: VIP delegations – procedures and approach Contents VIP Delegation: Objectives: Methodology: Introduction: Gulf States Security and the Iranian Role in the Region: UAE Strategy of national security: Literature Review: Conclusion: Recommendations: References:

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“VIP Delegations – Procedures and Approach”

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VIP Delegation:

In the current era one observes that apart from the national affairs that does take place within the precinct of the nation and its society, the international affairs happens to gain a stronger and more potent importance. In fact it can be well opined that in the current situation the external or the international affairs and developments and events tends to cast a very intent affect on the internal developments of a nation. In such a scenario we see that the nations must be well aware of at least certain plans and programs of each other’s national agendas and must even cooperate with each other at certain points of time that will not juts effect international peace and security but will also eventually lead to the development and growth of the various nations within a geographical region. In fact we do observe that peaceful and friendly relations between two nations often foster great development economic, political and eventually social of the partner nations in the peace and prosperity alliance. To affect such a motive of intention we see that in the recent times the trend to VIP Delegations visiting foreign countries have been on an incline. In this case we see that just like many other political powers of the world (mondatosummit, 2015). The UAE and the other Arab countries are no different and are definitely not lagging behind in taking according steps to send their Delegates to other foreign nations and to entertain the foreign delegations of other international powers. In the current discussion we will be looking at and will be delving deep into this topic that unravels the importance of the VIP delegations visiting a particular nation and the various aspects that the host country must keep in mind while attending to their VIP Delegates, which will be discussed pertaining to the situation of the UAE (Barbera, 2011).


The opening of the article or the discussion reveals the central idea of the title theme of the article. It reflects clearly that the current discussion will be delving into the aspects of the importance and the various details o handling the VIP delegations that comes to any nation. This discussion will be approached with the nation UAE in the main perspective. However there are certain objectives of the article. Rather it could b said that there are certain points or facets a successful investigation of which quite obviously initiates the research. In this part of the discussion we will be listing the same:

  • The importance of the VIP delegations that comes to visit the nation of the UAE from the perspective of the development of the nation.
  • The role of the VIP Delegates in terms of the fostering international security and creating more friendlier bonds between the various nations.
  • The political services and the attention that needs to be given by the host country to its VIP delegates who did come from the other nations in the quest of establishing some fruitful or profitable alliances.
  • The different hospitality gestures and services that could be provided for a comfortable and enjoyable stay of the Delegates.
  • Also through the scope of the discussion we will be taking a glimpse at the international relations and the security standards and condition that does prevail in the Middle East amongst the Arab countries.
  • The article also discusses as one of its objective the various approaches and the investigation methods and means that have been chosen by the author to find the various facts and figures, data and information that has helped the author to establish his arguments and theories that has added dimension and depth to the said research.


The agenda of the VIP delegates that happens to be a global phenomenon is a topic that has often been researched into. In this case we see that several noted scholars have been into the depths and have tried to investigate the various aspects and the features and the benefits that must have triggered off this trend of VIP delegations visiting various nations and which again in the recent times have gained much importance and elaboration. In fact the global media in the contemporary times happens to be covered and over spilled with this issue that reveals every second day, which nation delegate did head for which international country and with what agenda in mind (Heaton, 1998). Hence in the current times we see that all the possible channels of media such as the newspaper, the updates on radio and television news and the internet web world is flooded with information that reflects on the benefits of the VIP delegates visiting the various nations. Hence in this case we can opine that since the foreign delegates or the national authorities who happen to be tending to the VIP delegates are very busy people and hence could be quite difficult to contact. Hence instead of interviewing of the concerned people who are quite ace profile personalities, investigation into the existing literature on the said topic will provide for the adequate information and the data that will be required to construct the said research framework. Hence the secondary information data is of crucial importance to the author of the research (Skretting, 2014).


Most of the nations and the national powers in the modern era give a special attention to the activities and the attitudes o their neighboring countries. In fact we can say that this is a facet that is not just applicable to the current times when a global unity has come to rest as a major feature in all the aspects o politics, economy and the society. Even before this in the earlier days from the point of view of the political as well as the economic interest we see that the neighboring national powers did have a special importance. Once again right from the days of the kings and the dynasties we see that political representatives of one nation happens to visit the other nations with various agendas of which some were political, economic or social issues and concerns that both the kingdoms had to consult and think about in an union. This is a trend that is continuing even in the current times. We see that even in the modern age various political delegates visits other nations to discuss matters political, economic and social in nature which is required to be discussed by both the host nation and the nation from which the delegates have come. In the recent times we also see that the foreign delegates often comes down to visit their neighboring nations with various matters that are pertaining to the security of both the nations and their respective societies and also the matters of international security. Hence we see that special attention is to be given to all the aspects of the foreign delegates so that the diplomatic relations between the two nations are kept strong and secure and the VIP delegates are also facilitated in their efforts of accomplishing the determined objectives that had initiated their visit to the said nation (totalcompr, 2015).

Gulf States Security and the Iranian Role in the Region:

The Gulf is the region that is dominated by the Arab community. This community although id distinguished by various national borders and political sovereignties, nevertheless has a very long and old historical background that is rather religious in its nature. In this context we see that the Gulf is a region that has a seen a history where the national powers have often found themselves to have been drawn in a strife. Of the same the nation of Iran deserves a special mention. The Sunni Arab world has inherently found themselves at loggerheads with the Shiite Iranians and we see that there have been several occasions on which there has sprung up various hostilities between the two national and the religious sects. On the other hand we see that the various Arab nationalities also takes a special notice of the Nuclear power that rests with the nation of Iran on the strength of which Iran is one of the most recognizable national powers in the region at least in terms of military might. Other Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia dwell in a constant fear of alliance between the West and that of Iran which could put the rest of the Arab world in an obvious danger. Even in the Iran Iraq war we see that the rest of the Gulf powers had negated any help that could be possibly extended from the other parts of the western world or the western countries, where the political leaders of the Arab nationalities said that they are capable of sorting out their own problems and no intervention from the western powers are expected (al-monitor, 2014).

UAE Strategy of national security:

To maintain a perfectly safe and secure ambience in which the Arab world and the UAE could foster a well developed economy and national integrity the UAE government has got down to plan a certain and definite security program for the nation and the entire geographical region for that matter. In this perspective the UAE says that they look forward to the development and integration of the military might of the nation and also the government of the United Arab Emirates looks forward to a joint collaboration between the interstate, international and inter governmental units. Further the political leaders have designed that this inter and intra regional cooperation will help the nation of UAE and the entire gulf region to be better prepared against any possible foreign attack (ISHR, 2013, February 14). In this context we also see that the UAE did point out that in the earlier times the nation of the Emirates were not strong enough to protect themselves as a result of which we see that he western powers such as the UK and the USA had to intervene for the protection of the UAE and the other Arab countries. However, this has to change in the future and the UAE and the rest of the Arab countries had to become self dependant and strong in terms of protecting themselves. In the perspective of the nation of Iran UAE tries to maintain a peaceful and harmonious relation with the nation and also the other nations such as the Saudi Arabia with whom again the UAE had a history of strife and struggle (Salama, 2015).

Literature Review:

In this section we will be looking at the various incidents and events when foreign delegates did come to the UAE for various purposes and interest. The Gulf News on the 12th of April 2015 did flash the news that two VIP delegations came to the jebel Ali Free Zone or the Jafza. The delegation comprised of senior trade development officials and the business men from Thailand and the Philippines. In the meeting it was recorded that warm greetings were recorded and that great future for bilateral trade between Jafza and Thailand and Philippines was expressed and assured. In this case the reporter Adelle Geromino did mention that the non oil trade between Jafza and that of Thailand had already seen a 30% increase to what is was in the previous year. The possibilities to establish business incubators were also expressed during the course of the day (Croucher, 2013). According to (Contorno, 2015) the foreign diplomats have a great role to play in the bilateral foreign trades between two countries. The leading daily newspaper even mentioned that the foreign diplomats should adopt a proactive role in finding out about the market trends of the country and also zero down on the export potential of the home country to the host country. These are the information that they need to share with the industries of the home country so that the maximum profit could be generated for the home country.


On a concluding note it could be said that the role of the foreign delegates in the path of the progress of the home and the host country is quite indomitable. The VIP delegates play a very important role in the fostering of friendly and cordial relations between two countries. In this case we also see that the VIP delegates are the personalities who along with them bring about an opportunity for an overall development of both the host and the home countries. Not only can the element of political peace and prosperity could be secured and an beneficial political alliance between the governments of the two nations could be effected that will make both then nations strong but at the same time w se that the delegates can also open new avenues for the economic and the social developments of both the nations. Once again we see that the VIP delegations also often has the potential to settle some of the most irking issues of national and international safety and security. In addition to the same we see that the culture and the prestige of the host country get amply multiplied. In the case of the UAE we see that the nation is one of the most developed nations of the world and that the nation has a greatly developed economy and are also a very modern nation in its nature and essence. The arrival of the VIP delegations happens to open new and great economic possibilities for the country that since ages happens to foster an open door policy for commerce and trade. Once again we see the VIP delegations also open new channels for establishing peace and prosperity with the other nations of the Gulf. Hence the role of the VIP delegates the development of the nation stand quite imperative.


Following are the recommendations that could be made for the nation of UAE who could use the suggestions to serve their delegates better:

  • The host nation could keep a very minute detailed record of the likes and dislikes of the delegates and also their personal preferences. In this case we see that often such personalized touches of hospitality leaves the guests very much happy and they feel cared about. This again gives a very positive reflection of the hospitality standards of the host nation.
  • The VIP delegates could be helped to get an inner insight into the culture and social aspects of the nation that could help the host nation’s vices and again the guests could feel culturally enriched.
  • Once again we see those facilities such as immediate flights, planned tours, great traveling facilities personal guides and other aspects that would make their stay, comfortable, enjoyable and memorable.
  • Once again constant medical facilities as and when required could again enhance the services of the host country, such as UAE in this case.
  • The authorities must be careful about the fact that the VIP delegates must be having their times carefully planned so that they get to meet all the required key persons meeting who would be required for the success of the visit of the VIP Delegates.


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