‘Dutertenism’ – the Strongman Approach on PH.

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In today's generation, we suffer from different kinds of issues in terms of economic, environmental, and political issues. I gather different information about various problems that we encounter during the President Duterte administration

War On Drugs

During the start of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte's administration, he focuses on ' War on Drugs' that leads to numerous scales of death in our country. This is a campaign that aims to lessen the illegal trades here in the Philippines. Extrajudicial killing is the right way term to discuss the war on drugs. The target of this is the drug dealers, pushers, and users associated with drugs. The problem with this law does not undergo Due process and Officers were given a wide scope to shoot and kill, suspected drug dealers. Local officials across the Philippines are required to list suspected drug users in their place and monitor their progress kicking the habit, while police stations must maintain watch lists of alleged drug suspects who are under surveillance. Duterte assured the police that he has their backs, telling them, “You are free to kill the idiots” who violently resist arrest (Coronel, Padilla, & Morw, 2019). This manner of executing the law is improper since killing is against human rights. He intends to lessen the crime by eliminating criminals.

This campaign was the foundation of his electoral platform. During his campaign rally, he stated when he becomes the president of the Philippines he would order the police to find those people who are involved in drugs and kill them. Before he became president Rodrigo Duterte was the mayor of Davao city for many consecutive years, There are DDS (Davao Death Squad) this a group of vigilante people believed to be responsible for over 1,000 summary killings of suspected criminals, street children, and drug users in Davao City.

One of The EJK victims is Kian Delos Santos who was accused of being involved in a drug syndicate. According to Children's Legal Rights and Development Center (CLRDC), they have recorded 54 children who have been killed in the first year of President Duterte drug on war. Many children and teens were involved in these issues since they think this is the easiest and best way to earn money without knowing that these actions are against the government. As of February 2018, human rights groups have estimated that at least 12,000 have died from drug war operations. As of March 20, 2018, the Philippine government has recorded 4,075 drug suspects killed in law enforcement operations (Talabong, nd). Since then many people are involved in any form of crime. However, killing is not the right way to eliminate criminals since this is against human rights, For president Duterte police killing proof will serve as a success for his administration.

Foreign Policy

Foreign policy refers to the activities and policies of the state towards the interaction from another state. President Rodrigo Duterte has an independent foreign policy.  Independent foreign policy is often expressed as one based on cultivating a diverse set of relationships exclusively based on Philippine national interests, designed to maximize the country’s autonomy, security, and prosperity (Parameswaran, 2019). He believes in his ways that he will make betting things. He believes he is strong to make things change happen to own his own. His foreign policy direction was indefinite during his term. The Philippines and China were involved in maritime disputes. President Duterte stated a stance against China, he said that he would ride a jet ski to a disputed island by two countries and mark a flag on it ('Duterte, controversial strong man of the Philippines', 2019). In terms of this president, Rodrigo Duterte said that the china and Philippines are ignoring the 2016 arbitral ruling of the West Philippine sea. According to Santos (2019), China wants to set aside the arbitrary ruling from the Philippines Duterte said to set aside the claims and allow everyone to connect with the Chinese companies. Since the oil corporations of china will give us 60 percent and they will only get 40 percent for oil and gas joint exploration, still, our country has sovereign rights that we need to practice.  He also ignores the exclusive economic zone ruling to have economic activity. He doesn't follow the proper policy about the west philippine sea. Until the tribunal court decided there has no legal basis to claim the historic rights to resources within the sea areas falling to the 'nine-dash line' (Santos, nd). China violated Philippine's sovereign rights in its exclusive economic zone.

Build. Build. Build

Buil, build, build projects is one of his targets to transform the Philippines. The Philippine government embarks $180 billion, to transform and increase the Philippine economy. According to Philippine Department of Finance (DOF), chief economist Karl Chua said the government is looking at 75 flagship projects, which include 6 airports, 9 railways, 3 bus rapid transits, 32 roads and bridges, and 4 seaports that will help bring down the costs of production, improve rural incomes, encourage countryside investments, make the movement of goods and to create more jobs for our fellow citizens. The government is also aiming to construct 4 energy facilities that will ensure stable power supply with lower prices, 10 water resource projects as well as irrigation systems that will also help to serve the agricultural project, 5 flood control facilities that will help protect unsafe communities as well as to develop awareness for the climate change and 3 redevelopment programs that will deliver sustainable solutions to best meet the needs of urban population that needs government assistance (Insights, 2018). This might be impossible since the Philippine country has a high number of unemployed, poverty, and hunger. The concern of foreign investors is the country’s weak infrastructure. The idea of build build build project is to open more infrastructure that may help Filipino people to look for a job. In terms of loans president Duterte has two main sources which are japan and china. Duterte has normalized relations with China, which has offered $7.3 billion in building infrastructure investments, and Japan, which has been a leading investor in the Philippines previous decades ago (Insights, 2018) However, japan was the leading investors in Philippine. Japanese firms pledge $1.24 billion to conduct projects in the country. This will open thousands of jobs under that will provide economic stability under the administration of Duterte. 

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