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Vincent van Gogh is a well-known artist that influences a lot of artists including myself. Vincent Van Gogh was born in Zundert, Netherlands in 1853. He was the eldest of 5 children: 3 boys and 2 girls. Vincent got a lot of support from most of his family when he began his art career. His youngest brother, Theo, helped him by selling his art and so did his sister Wil. Vincent did not attend school but he did take art classes as a child however he did not enjoy them. Vincent Van Gogh is known for a lot of things, he stands out as an artist because he's known for having severe depression as he would express in the letters that he sent to his brother, Theo.

At one point in Vincent's life he cut off his ear and mailed it to his brother, this is one of the factors that indicate that Vincent Van Gogh's depression was severe and he was really sick mentally. Vincent would eat yellow paint to try to make himself happier, obviously this didn't work it actually made him physically sick which increased his depression (Vincent, n.d. Par.12). Vincent was a very lonely man and tried to find love but was not successful. He had plenty of love interests throughout his life but they always spiraled out of control especially when Vincent fell in love with his niece Kee Vos-Stricker. Kee rejected his advances and this made Vincent upset.

Vincent Van Gogh died on July 29th, 1890. Vincent Van Gogh shot himself in a wheat field, he died shortly after. Throughout his life he created 2,100 works of art, 860 of them where oil pieces and most of them he created in the last two years of his life. His art is known to move people because they express a lot of emotion. Looking at his art you cannot help but to be almost sad because you can see the pain in his works. He adapted his own style and stuck to it through all his art. Vincent's art is recognizable because of the brush strokes he uses, the texture, and because the eerie muted color scheme he uses. Several messages can be portrayed from his art but most of them express his empathy and deep depression. To me the most important thing in an art piece is the emotion that the audience can feel by just looking at the piece. Van Gogh created so man works of art everyone is bound to relate to at least one.

The beauty of his style cannot be denied. Artist try to mimic his unique style but no one can be as good as the original creator. One of his most well-known pieces is The Starry Night, painted in 1889. This is probably because his style in this particular piece was so unique, especially for his time, it made him stand out like a sore thumb. The Starry Night is priced at a staggering 100 million dollars (Toloee, 2016, Par.3). Some of Van Gogh's other pieces can go for well over 80 million dollars (Toloee, Par.4). His art is so influential that people are willing to pay this much for them. That is a lot of money but that is because it is original and one of a kind.

Van Gogh was and always will be a very inspirational artist. His legacy will live on as long as the human population is alive. This is because no other artist can do what he does in his art in the same way. No other artist can express emotion in the same unique style that Van Gogh invented. He was just a true genius, and no one can take that away from him. There are artist that can do something similar but never exactly in the way he did it.

There are people who paint replicas of his paintings but it's just not the same thing as having the true original copy. The brush strokes that he uses was something new especially for his time. He invented that style and that's why he stood out. Vincent expressed his emotions through his art and you can really tell by the way his art pieces flow, they show sadness. The things Vincent did just proves that he really was depressed and a little out of it. Cutting his ear off and mailing it to his brother is one of the many absurd things that Van Gogh did because of his depression. He tried to find love but never succeeded so he felt alone. Vincent shows his loneliness in his art and it is sad but loneliness is an emotion that anyone and everyone can relate to. It is a normal emotion for a human being. It is just unfortunate that Van Gogh felt it more than most because of how beautiful his mind was.

Writing this paper I learned a lot more about Van Gogh, things that I never knew. Vincent Van Gogh was and is an inspiration and he has let his mark that will live on till the end of time.

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