The Way to Create Sustainability at Urban Green Park

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Urban green parks are usually found in developing urban areas. In this era of globalization, with the increasing urbanization at once lead to an increase in the population of this region. Hence, it gives exposure to the environment such as noise pollution, air pollution, and increasing climate change. With this situation, it can put pressure on urban populations as well as with a limited resource affect the daily life activities to the urban community. Therefore, these issues need to be addressed so that urban communities can live in a healthy life by providing a healthy and sustainable environment. It is also an initiative that benefits urban people and plays an important role in healthy and empowered city planning and ultimately leads to a sustainable city. However, it is not enough by providing urban green park only as the population of the urban population is higher and it affects the use of abundant energy resources in daily life. Hence, this is the right time to make changes towards efficiency and bring it together to a high level of urbanization and its sustainability. This project paper attempts to create sustainability in the urban green park with gives emphasis and significance and identify the energy independence which can be adopted and accepted by communities around the world including in our country.

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“The Way to Create Sustainability at Urban Green Park”

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Nowadays, in a life of human need the energy to do something activities. Energy is important not only for human but also for the country. Energy usually refers to the ability to work. according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), energy is available in many ways and comes in various forms like heat, light, motion, electrical, chemical, nuclear energy and gravitational. Energy is divided into two types which is stored (potential) energy and working (kinetic) energy. For example, foods contain chemical energy and are consumed by someone and this energy is stored to provide strength and force as kinetic energy for doing work or daily activity [1]. Renewable and non-renewable energy be used as primary resources to produce heat energy otherwise it also can be secondary energy to produces electricity. There are five main of renewable energy sources such as solar energy from the sun, geothermal energy from the heat inside the earth, wind energy, biomass from plants and hydropower from flowing water. While, non-renewable energy is a petroleum product, hydrocarbon gas liquids, natural gas, coal and nuclear energy [2]. For this study, emphasis will be given to energy independence especially by using renewable energy especially in producing electricity while in the context of independence it means freedom from control, freedom from dependence on or control by another person, organization, or state [3].

While many renewable energy-related projects are carried out on a large scale, these alternatives can be used in tandem with the rapidly growing technology. This is because Malaysia is a hot and humid nation all year round. Thus, we can use the sun as a source of energy to replace electricity. Furthermore, to study in detail this energy independence, focusing will be given to the urban green park area where it is a frequent area of an urban community. In the next thirty years, almost three-quarters inhabitant will live in urban areas. This is due to the influx of migrations due to economic changes and environmental changes. Therefore, urban planning faces some challenges such as building more housing, schools, upgrading infrastructure to better ones such as transport, water, and electricity. As such, the parks become victims of developmental greed and are often a concern. This situation can cause major problems, especially for high-density urban areas. Among the problems that will occur include the urban heat island from concrete, bitumen and glass, stormwater run-off and lack of green areas such as parks for recreation and play activities. This can cause urban community life to be unhealthy such as obesity, anxiety and depression if the park in the city is diminishing.

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