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Use of Computers Introduction The world today is becoming more involved with the advancement of technology and with new technology comes great new resources to access. Advances in technology in medicine have really made a huge impact on how health care is today. Providing faster data and diagnosis, global communication, and keeping organization with all the records and data stored on the computer. Education is changing with computers today via internet. Online courses are becoming more available all around the world for student that can't transfer. There are many applications for a student to use such as Microsoft word, PowerPoint, and Excel. The business world has also grown attached to computers cause of how much similar and more effective it is. Smaller business can grow with websites and find clients all around the world to connect to. Paperwork such as calculating pay rolls or keeping things on file are much simpler on computer than it would be having lots of filing cabinets. Health Care The medical field today has become much more efficient and more effective towards finding cures and providing better treatment to patients due to the advancement of technology of computers. The development of new software for the office creates a web of communication among physicians, staff members, health care facilities and associated agencies (Groth-Vasselli). Research is much easier than it was in the past and being able to share data from one doctor on one side of the world to another on the other side at the click of a button is one step from finding a new cure or improving medicine. Crunching Data Data is information that can be numbers, strings of characters or images. Computers process data faster than a human can and that’s why they can provide very quick results. Computers use CPU (Central Processing Unit) to make all the decisions and data processing. In health care lots of information is being put onto computers everyday about all the patients that come in with updating records or doing check-ups and doctors have to rely on the computer to be quick and responsive when treating a patient so there can be effective health care given. Communication Communication has to be the most important thing between a doctor and their patient. If there is not communication the assessment of a patient is going to be much harder and without being told what the patient feels the doctor can have a hard time to provide a accurate treatment. Computers provide patients and doctors to talk to each other via e-mail. Not only do patients message doctors but also other doctors around the world talk to each other about research being done and progress they could of made. Organization It is very important for medical professionals to have files organized and knowing where they are. Computers make it much easier by reducing filing cabinets and having the records on a hard drive that has much easier searching to find a specific patient. It also makes it easier for the patient to make changes to their file if they are updating their current health status. With organization a patient can have their questions of latest treatments and medications sorted out to be able to ask their doctor. Labeling is very useful to keep things sorted such as medical insurance on one label then having medical history on another so it can be easier and faster to find specific medical record information. Education The education field has grown globally by connecting students world-wide to do sessions in online classrooms and being able to talk to each other half way across the world. Connecting people from different countries and getting them together to do class activities over the computer creates a new social connections between students to learn new cultures and make friends with people. World Wide Education Online courses are being used more and being taken advantage of for a busy student. Time is a major issue cause not everyone is just only going to class some students have to work and take care of other priorities and can't find the time to attend a classroom course. Online classes provide lots of flexibility and can work with almost any schedule. There are other great benefits for taking online classes listed below. 1. Degree courses are offered 2.Not sitting in a classroom 3.Choosing study times 4.Balancing work and class 5.Flexabilty Useful applications A major advantage of using a computer is all the applications that are provided. Microsoft Office has lots of fantastic applications that are very beneficial in almost all documented work. Microsoft Office applications are used every day in all fields of work from creating a report in Word to making a graph in Excel, below is listed of all the programs included with Microsoft Office.

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • OneNote
  • Access
  • Publisher
  • Office Online
  • Office Mobile

Business In the business field computer technology is very huge to be able to reach out to clients and communicate with deals and contracts. Business people need to able to have files and contacts available at a moment's notice. Computers provide quick organized files for their business. Computers are also used for their marketing to the public by connecting with the business's website or connecting via social media like Facebook or Twitter. Marketing In order for a business to grow they need to market what they have to offer. Word spreads very fast online and it can get around to people all over the world about a business. Business's can create their very own website with information about themselves and what they sell or have to offer. They can draw attention to their website by putting ads on other websites to draw them in. Accounting Business companies need to keep track of their accounting to make sure their sales are correct and pay rolls are being given out. There is software for business to help calculate their sales and create graphs of what is selling and what the demand is for their product. They also can use software to create tax reports to have saved on the computer for the IRS to assess the report. Conclusion The world today has many uses for computers and they are used daily in all fields of work. They provide very useful information and data at the times needed. Technology is getting better and better each day with new products and devices to be faster and more reliable for information. In the medical field research is becoming more accurate and effective to patients. With education people around the world are getting connected in online courses that are benefits to their major or interest. Businesses are growing cause advertisement and websites being created to get noticed and become successful businesses. References Groth-Vasselli . "Result Filters." National Center for Biotechnology Information. U.S. National Library of Medicine, n.d. Web. . <>. Lee, Ellen. "5 Ways Technology Is Transforming Health Care." Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 24 Jan. 2013. Web. . <>. Crowder, C.D.. "Uses for Computers in Business." Small Business. N.p., n.d. Web. . <>. Simon, Janice. "Cancer patients: Tips for organizing your medical records - Cancerwise | Cancer blog from MD Anderson Cancer Center." Cancer patients: Tips for organizing your medical records - Cancerwise | Cancer blog from MD Anderson Cancer Center. N.p., 3 Oct. 2013. Web. . <>. Writers, Staff. "10 Advantages to Taking Online Classes -" N.p., 12 Jan. 2012. Web. . <>.

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