United States Involvement in the Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War was created by Cath Senker, an experienced author who specializes in modern history. The origin of the book was created by Heinemann Library publications in 2012. It was written to inform readers about the United States' involvement in the Vietnam war. The book is composed of chapters which are broken down into subtitles. Each section describes happened and it emphasizes what they were trying to show. Students are the intended audience for Senker's book because its easy enough to read and understand but has more than enough information to learn a lot about the Vietnam War. The content in this book establishes the connections between the Vietnam War and how the United States aided in the process.

Learning about the Vietnam War through this book is useful because it demonstrates how much the U.S. contributed in the war. The value of the origin makes the circumstances unconditional because the author wrote the book about four decades after the event happened. During and after are two different perspectives because even if you study and study on the topic of the Vietnam War, it won't be the same as living during the war and having first-hand experience. One positive value is that Cath Senker keeps an open-mind dur to her writing about both sides and not choosing to be one sided. When this was created (2012), there was the presidential election, gay marriage, and Syria, with these events it still doesn't accurately reflect the Vietnam War.

The limitations of the origin is that Senker studied modern history but didn't live through it which makes the book limited by "experience". The consultant; Andrew Farrow, was able to verify the content because he studied several major conflicts including Vietnam. The limitations of the purpose is that even though it is to inform the book lacks how it affected the women and children.

Gregory Feifer, The Great Gamble

The Great Gamble by Gregory Feifer, who is a National Public Radio's Moscow correspondent. Published by Ross Intellectual properties and created in 2009. The purpose of this book is to inform leaders how soldiers lived, how the Soviet and United States invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, and the relevance it is to modern time as well. The Great Gamble is broken down into large broad sections which are then divided into small sections to give greater detail of each topic. The content of the book involves real interviews given during the Soviet military mission in Afghanistan.

The value of the content illustrates what people went through during the war in Afghanistan. It was created decades after it happened even though the thing in Afghanistan still had conflicts. The limitation of Feifer's book is that he focuses mainly on the Soviet soldiers point of view on the war instead of focusing on both sides which includes the United States army. During this time in history, 2009, the United States diminishes the role in Iraq and all the soldiers withdrew from the cities, it accurately reflects how Afghanistan and Iraq had relevance at the time of publication of the book.

The limitation of the origin is that Gregory Feifer wasn't a Soviet soldier at that time he is a Moscow correspondent, who is someone that will have contact with all things Russian. Interviews are first-hand which makes the book reliable because without the interviews The Great Gamble wouldn't be a primary source.

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