Twitter as a Tool for Tracking Intersectionality

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Chaudhry, I. (2015). pass: #Hashtagging hate: Using Twitter to track racism online. First Monday, 20(2)

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“Twitter as a Tool for Tracking Intersectionality”

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This paper considers three distinct ventures that have utilized Twitter to follow supremacist dialect: 1) Racist Tweets, 2) Anti-web-based life, and 3) The Geography of Hate Map. So as to feature the capacity to follow racism internet utilizing Twitter, every one of these undertakings gathered racist dialect on Twitter utilizing altogether different strategies, a discourse of every datum accumulation strategy utilized just as the qualities and difficulties of every technique is given. In a nut shell, this paper features why Twitter is an essential information gathering device for specialist’s on why race and prejudice is shown through social media.

Cooper, D. C., Thayer, J. F., & Waldstein, S. R. (2014). Coping with racism: the impact of prayer on cardiovascular reactivity and post-stress recovery in African American women. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 47(2), 218–230.

Little is thought about racism and its effect with cardiovascular function. The purpose of this paper is to investigate and analyzed how cardiovascular reactivity, post-stretch recuperation, and emotional reactivity in light of racism related stress. African American ladies between the ages 18-40 revealed that the experience in the work place is very stressful on them, and having to deal with discrimination and prejudice remarks against them. Supplication adapting was analyzed for relationship with cardiovascular, healing, and emotional change scores utilizing general direct models with repeated measures.

Keum, B. T., & Miller, M. J. (2018). Racism on the Internet: Conceptualization and recommendations for research. Psychology of Violence, 8(6), 782–791.

Prejudice keeps on flourishing usually and viciously on the Internet in the present advanced age. Online explicit factors, for example, expands and gives the right to speak freely. People secretly uninhibitedly unveil their supremacist belief systems for the general population online. However, little consideration has been paid to inspecting prejudice in online encounters. In analyzing this issue in depth, this paper talks about creating a structure in portraying the commonness of prejudice in online settings.

Mio, J. S., & Morris, D. R. (2018). A documentation of the cost of racism. Asian American Journal of Psychology.

The primary area of this book gives a setting by analyzing the significance of considering prejudice while talking about methodological issues. For example, intersectionality, self-report or abstract encounters of racism, and go between of saw prejudice. The primary area of this book also talks about the introduction of authoritative documentation and the impacts of prejudice.

Romano, M. J. (2018). White Privilege in a White Coat: How Racism Shaped my Medical Education. Annals Of Family Medicine, 16(3), 261–263.

This article elaborates on why racial benefit impacted the experience of a white doctor in preparing. While white Americans frequently consider ‘racism’ a social develop basically influencing minorities, ‘prejudice’ is an arrangement of both racial drawbacks just as proportional racial preferred standpoint. Remedial experts are progressively mindful of how social determinants of wellbeing lead to imperative wellbeing differences, anyway white doctors only from time to time ask how their own racial benefit strengthens a racial oppressor culture and what impacts this may have on our patients’ wellbeing. 

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