Transgender Restrooms

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We became not a melting pot, but a beautiful mosaic; With different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, and different dreams. said our 39th U.S. president Jimmy Carter. The United States is not only a multi-racial country, but also a place with different sexual orientations. In terms of gender and inclusion, we talk about a process. Historically, there have been other measures such as giving the right to vote to women and stopping the separation of people of color in establishments: this breaks the status quo. In this case, a sign is placed and that makes people wonder why? For the commencment of these new sexual oriented individuals stepping up for their own rights, we have made some changes to laws and our views for them. As the years have progressed there have been many law revisions made due to our LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgenders).

Non- discrimination bills have been passed along with same sex marriage in some states. Nevertheless, one law that is striving to be enforced is transgender restrooms. Should transgender restrooms be opened in public places? There is a massive contradiction against this new law the government is trying to pass. Despite the fact of several possible hazards, people are overlooking all the problems that come with opening up transgender restrooms. They are putting at risk young adults and kids with these restrooms. Alongside these minorities they are risking the safety of all LGBT individuals, and the escalation of equality discrimination endured by transgenders. There are also inumberal reasons to why safety is difficult to be inflicted onto society about these latrines.

According to LGBT organizations, and opinions on social networks comments from person to person range from open acceptance, to rejection and discriminatory judgments. Equality amongst LGBT and cisgenders have been established through bills. Acceptance has come calmly and slowly towards the LGBT, allowing them to have more of a human reputation than some strong willed religious cisgenders have given them credit for. Although, some citizens can not grasp the concept of transgenders and view them lowly, there are many supporters and advocates to help them fight for their own rights. However, are these restrooms found offensive amongst the LGBT? Some individuals may interpret the restrooms as a kind of discrimination. Why open a third restroom for gender and sexual minorities? Why can we not just allow them to go to their preferred restroom, with the one they associate with? Nevertheless, the discrimination will follow them regardless of which restroom they decide to use. Barry W. Lynn explains how some Anti-transgender advocates have dressed men as woman and allowed them to enter into women's restroom, but they still insist that people must remain with their assigned birth gender. allowing for the discrimination to take place. Despite the fact they possibly used cisgender men instead of definite transgenders. Most people conducting this experiment would not allow transgenders to help conduct their observations.(23).

These restrooms are presumed to form equality amongst cisgenders and LGBT. Yet, there is not an idealistic view point on these restrooms. Some results of research show why restricting the access of transgender students to shared spaces is not only an unnecessary measure, but also discriminatory and dangerous. Prohibiting transgender students from accessing facilities that are safe, comfortable and reassert gender is discriminatory, and this discrimination causes actual harm. It exposes transgender students to an increased risk of harassment, assault and bullying, which hinders their ability to receive education and participate fully in school life, and can harm their physical and emotional health. In turn, there is no evidence that allowing transgender students to choose restrooms and changing rooms that match their gender identity poses a risk to other students. With the start of a new school year, it is crucial that schools and school districts implement measures that promote the rights of all their students, regardless of their gender identity or expression.

The likelihood of threats can be increased with the opening of these restrooms. Transgenders can be presented as the predator in these situations. Stones states the many possibilities that Americans dread to the commencement of these latrines, Williams is a female student who claims that a transgender female student was harassing another female student in a school bathroom, The transgender female either uses the female bathroom and makes 30% of the girls uncomfortable, or he uses the boy's restroom and gets beat up. He did not hurt or harass anyone. but as a transgender he is displayed as a malicious predator (285). We can not risk transgender students to be punished for harassment, when they have not done any sort of wrongdoing. Not only do the threats harass transgenders but, allows for sex predators to ruin the transgenders rights. The wants of a few should not outweigh the needs of the many. A man can simply decide one day that he wants to ?identify' as a female, then he can use the girl's bathroom. this shows us how effortless it is for exploitation to take place in bathrooms. Including, if we open up a transgender restroom we can admit some teens and kids will be allowed to go into these restrooms, and a strong likelihood that predators can take advantage in these restrooms than simple boy and girl latrines. We should not allow the LGBT to jeopardize kids with these restrooms just for their own rights (286).

Considering there are not many restrictions on these latrines due to the transgenders, Lisa Sushay interviews Gov. Terry McAuliffe father of a transgender daughter. He states "Where is my daughter's Fourth Amendment rights to privacy? Where? She has none? There is only two sexesa male and a female. Nothing protects transgender as a sex. Therefore, the LGBT community is not a protected class and therefore you cannot discriminate against them," these complications make it troublesome to enforce safety for all genders.

Although, imposing safety precautions for the security of the LGBT has overpowered the rights of others. There is only one form of protection, and would be conducted under the proposal that states According to the Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Center of the University of Michigan, most rapes and sexual assaults are conducted by white males. A Swiftian modest proposal that I think will solve this dilemma: ban all cisgender white men from public bathrooms. How will this work? Keeping out all cisgender white males is impossible. In this proposal they state having a security guard checking identification cards and looking if it is marked male or female. Looking deeper into this subject how comfortable would everyone be if a guard was at the door to the restroom asking for an I.D. to allow one to enter or tell someone they are not allowed to use the restroom (Mamone 7). Inclusively, having transgenders receive another I.D. that says what sex they relate to. But, who is there to state a transgender white man comes up and gets turned away for being white and possible cisgender. No matter what precautions we make to help establish a safe environment in the restrooms, there will always be that hint of discrimination due to sex. This fraudulent proposal displays how there is no valid approach towards defense against possible issues.

Conclusively, transgender restrooms can be viewed by both the pros and cons. Yet, we must be mindful of the possible dangers and discrimination that can take place for the opening of transgender restrooms or letting them decide which latrine to reside to. These dangers are not necessarily directed to children or young women but also the the LGBT who have been shamed for their sexual preferences. Yes. transgenders can get a feeling of equality as restrooms are allowed for their use, but our country can not risk the dangers that affects all of us. Not only restrooms will be affected with these laws but as president Donald Trump states they will also affect the school changing rooms. As the country continues to grow some will be open to more judgment than others who may view more acceptance towards their restroom usage.

Regardless to say, each individual would evidently agree there are a few defects in these restroom policies that should be rationalized before making any sort of hasty decision making. Safety amongst everyone straight or LGBT should be stabilized and achieved before risking the sanity of our citizens. Loretta Lynch, the first African-American woman who served as United States Attorney General, proclaimed before trans Americans: "We see them, we defend them, and we will do everything possible to protect their way forward." she became one of the firsts that declared that all students should be treated in the same way, regardless of their identity. This social struggle was transferred to schools and study houses to help with bathroom rights for LGBT students. Although some places have put signs up in their restrooms saying there is no specific gender to use the restroom we are loosing a place of privacy for these rights.

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