Tragedy of the 9/11 Attack

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Tragedies happen all around us sometimes they can not be avoided. For instance 9/11 was not something that could have controlled, likewise grendel was not something you could control either. Both 9/11 and Grendel brought great sorrow to people and took many lives. They also happen to be killing for hatred, Grendel hated how happy everyone seemed to be the terrorist hated the Americans. Another similarity between the two was that they both left a huge mess behind, it took very long for reparations to be done to buildings, and to clean up bodies.

Sorrow was brought to New York on september eleven 2001, when a plane struck one of the two twin towers. Which later on turned into a massacre, Grendel also turned one of his killing sprees into a horrible massacre. In total four airplanes were used to attack the Americans. Both Grendel and 9/11 brought many deaths as a result. Grendel killed for twelve years, 9/11 brought over 2,000 deaths including the terrorists and bystanders nearby. Even if both of them killed for different reasons they still killed a lot of people.

The main reason why Grendel killed was because he did not enjoy watching how everyone had fun without him. 9/11 on the other hand also happened because of hatred, but not exactly for the same reason. 9/11 took place because Osama Bin Laden made a group called Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda's one purpose was to destroy the twin towers, pentagon, and an unknown location. Grendel targeted only men that lived in Denmark, Herot. No one really knows why Grendel only targeted men but he did, 9/11 did not targeted a specific gender but they meant to target only one nationality. Another reason as to why Grendel and 9/11 are so similar is that both left a huge mess after the attack. Grendel left guts, blood, and body parts everywhere. 9/11 likewise was not pleasant sight to see afterwards. They both took long to clean up in many ways. When the terrible incident of 9/11 happened it took years to rebuild, clean up and some people up to this day still cannot repair the damage it brought to their hearts. Grendel left people injured sometimes, 9/11 caused 6,000 injuries. Till this day you can still see people who have been affected by this incident. There is firefighter, policeman, and even by standards that still recall the traumatic tragedy. At the time of Grendel's attack king Hrothgar was in charge. King Hrothgar decided to send Beowulf to kill him, which turned out to be the best match for Grendel. When 9/11 occured George W. Bush was the president at the time, he did not send out a supernatural man. However he did call for backup, from neighboring states including their paramedics, firefighters, policemen, etc. All these people helped control the problems that were occuring at the time.

Another similarity between the two would be that Grendel was banished from the kingdom, and the terrorist were no longer welcome to the United States. Grendel acted very bad towards the king and his people which is why he was banished from Herot along with other monsters, so that they wouldn't return. The terrorist  made a huge impact on how security at airports changed. Back then there wasn't as much of a hassle to get through airports but know it takes hours to get through a line. There is also been a change in how much luggage you can take with you. Till this day both Grendel and the terrorists are  still banned. They will most likely not be allowed back ever.

There are also ways that they are different. One example that shows just how different they are is that Grendel attacked by night. However 9/11 did not happen at night the incident occurred during the day in the morning to be exact. Grendel did not want the people to see him taking the body's away so he decided to attack overnight when it was dark.  However the terrorists wanted the exact opposite, they wanted to make sure everyone knew that they were behind this. They wanted to make sure that they striked fear in the Americans lives. Believing that it would help them seem more powerful and that the Americans would go ahead and leave them alone. This however was not the case, people from around the world helped out and let the united states know that they were not alone in fact they had more support now more than ever before. In Grendel's case the king sent out Beowulf because no one else wanted to go and help the people. When you think about it this makes sense because not many people would want to go and fight this huge beast. In the end Grendel was defeated and 9/11 was resolved, but they will never be forgotten no matter what.

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