Thinking does not Imply Subjugating

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The article,Thinking does not imply subjugating by Steven Pinker focuses on the human power to use reason. Steven further interrogates how the process of reasoning is achieved. He notes that the whole human nature of reasoning and having some belie alone and cannot be transferred to any machines. He notes that beliefs are related to information that we are fed with, thinking is all about computing and calculating and motivation is closely related and influenced by feedback and control.

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“Thinking does not Imply Subjugating”

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Also, he puts into consideration the fact that man as natural as he is. He brings into light Charles Darwin and his presupposition about the belief in religion and spirits and how Turing later came to contest it insisting on more reasoning when it comes to dealing with religion and spiritual matters.

When it comes to computations and calculations he acknowledges the fact that there exists machines and technology that accurately carry out computations. However, it is only in theory that it seems possible for these machines to outdo human capability.

Previously, the technology experts anticipated that with time the technology would outdo the humans but apparently none of that has happened. Still they are the same experts who were of the opinion that with time there would be so much in the technological advancements with underwater cities and other dream technology but still that has not come to been. They speculate the possibility of an Al system outdoing the man that builds it but this could be theoretically dreamt of but practically impossible. Steven suggests that man, its maker could predict such a scenario early enough and curb it accordingly. He questions the ability of the robots to reason.

Sam Harris, the author ofCan We Avoid a Digital Apocalypse questions the ability of artificially built machines to possess the same intelligence as man. Harris says that that would only be possible if the human brain is emulated in all aspects, which is impossible as even humans cannot source their intelligence. The author further goes ahead to show how machines could do all the work and render the human population unemployed. This would mean all those that provide labor would die in poverty as those they work for flourish in making more money as the production would even increase. He also overrules the possibility of having a super intelligent technology that would control itself without being programmed.

According to me, I think Steven presented his casein a better way than Harris. He managed to project the fact that there was no way that technology could outsmart its maker without being controlled. He also brings into light the naturalistic unconscious power of man to reason.

With the growing and developing technology, man is becoming lazier and lazier each day. There are new inventions in every sector of the human life. These inventions concern technology that is mandated to set man free from using his energy in working or in any other activity that would require him to use his energy. Unfortunately, the more man evades using his energy, the more technology is taking over his jobs in the various sectors and this leaves him with no jobs and without means to fend for himself.

Keeping in mind that man since time immemorial has always had an impact or an activity in the production of any goods or services, the rate at which technology is taking over his role is alarming. In the future it seems that robots will take over each and every aspect of the human life and human beings will be rendered useless. To be specific, in industries these robots and other machineries will have to do all the work and only a few of those that own these firms will be benefiting as the production will be fast, accurate and will have increased. All the rest who have been replaced by these machines will have ultimately lost it in life, leaving the bosses and their robots to run the world.

This would further imply that with time there will be no market for the goods these bosses and the robots produce. This would be caused by a situation whereby every other person will not have any purchasing power whatsoever and thus even the many goods that these bosses produce unless they exchange with other bosses, they will not have anywhere to take them. Soon they will as well be faced out of business and will have no role in the world.

In such a situation, there will be increased enmity in the human race and without the goods and services then it would mean the humans have no role to play on earth. This situation would be more complex as only the programmers of these machines would be at work but eventually it is these machines and robots that will be left to rule the world. This also is not important as the machines need to be programed and with the facing out or the extinction of the human race then it would mean no life on earth.

These machines even if they would free the laborers from the enslavement of their masters who would utilize the last drop of their blood and energy to facilitate them to make the large sums of money that they make, it would mean something else when they are rendered jobless and without anywhere to depend on. This case would change in case there was invention of new industries which most likely could not be the case. Even though man is considered to be very creative and innovative there could be a huge gap between the time of entry and overtaking of this technology and the time when the inventions are put in practice.

Also, it is very important to note that in any production process the role that a society plays is very huge and can never be taken for granted. It is the society that provides market and also all ideas of improvement. If sidelined, then this could never happen. Man is a social being unlike this technology. The technology even in its efficiency can never produce and consume the products by itself. It is not that creative. Also, it is still the society that provides and invents the raw materials to be used in the production process. Therefore it is factual that the technology can never work alone. Man should indeed take charge of the future failure to which the result could be fatal as he will lose it and he is to blame himself for every bit of every stage of allowing too much technology.

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