Divergent Thinking – AI Dystopia

Artificial intelligence put in simple words is the intelligence demonstrated by machines. There are various artificial intelligence algorithms running which can study the environment and make use of the study to maximize the chance of achieving the goals. These algorithms are used in the applications we use in our day-to-day life and to solve some complex problems, such as customizing the news and advertisements in “Google” and “Facebook”, removing the violent inappropriate content in the videos uploaded to “YouTube” and solving complex DNA sequencing problems in “Bio-Informatics”. AI is used everywhere in healthcare, bio-informatics, military, automotive etc. There are various problems that exist in the real world which only AI algorithms could solve in the real time and can at least give us some solutions even with a chance of error.

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“Divergent Thinking – AI Dystopia”

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True Intelligence: What is true intelligence or strong AI and how is it different from Artificial Intelligence? We hold our own intelligence to be the so-called true intelligence. In much the same way, we term” intelligent” capabilities in our creations to be Augmented Intelligence. When Augmented Intelligence reached a certain sophistication level, in the sense that we get an illusion of autonomy in the reactions of the system with respect to various inputs, we modify the label to Artificial Intelligence. There are three types of problems, we consider when we discuss about true intelligence. 1. P – NP Problems: This one asks a question that whether we will be able to solve a problem in polynomial time if it can be verified in a polynomial time. Class P problems are the ones which have solution that we can find in polynomial time.

Class NP problems are the ones in which we can’t find a solution quickly, but the solution can be verified in polynomial time. If we consider a case where P = NP, then we can easily check the solution. Otherwise, if NP problems are really not the same as P problems, it means that there is no quick way to solve those NP problems. This is still a million-dollar question for which there are no answers found yet. 2. Decision Problems: A decision problem is a problem that can be posed a yes-no question of the input values. For example, if given two numbers whether we will be able to tell one number is greater than other? 3. Optimization Problems: An optimization problem is the problem of finding an optimal solution out of all feasible solutions. An example of optimization problem is finding the shortest path between any two points. Optimization problems are combined with NP problems. Google’s DeepMind AI is at the cutting edge of the innovative work in Artificial Intelligence. What would could it be that isolated true intelligence from Artificial Intelligence?

The DeepMind AI even though is a vast arrangement of PC programs, it requests crazy measure of process capacities to try and start working for barebones usefulness. For example, if we just consider a small task of picking up a spoon with robotic arm, the processing power took by it is light years more than that took by a two-year-old little child. When somebody says it was an on the spot choice, and that they just suddenly reacted to some upgrade, they are not giving a Euphemism when they guarantee that they were not considering. We do think from the spine in some cases. Squint: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by writer Malcolm Gladwell is an astounding book that reveals insight into the issue. Our knowledge is robust to the point that we can take quick choices utilizing beside nil intensity of the mind. In any case, a machine with all the registering power on the planet, utilizes boundlessly more measure of figure control for a similar choice, notwithstanding when it gives the hallucination of snap judgments to us.

Where does intelligence end and consciousness start? We know we have a cognizant mind yet don’t yet know how to characterize it without any preparation, or how to isolate it from our insight. If P = NP question gets answered, we can create true intelligence. Finally, we would be capable of creating humanoids, that evolve a conscience and not just intelligence. In the following dystopia, let us assume to the point theme that the PNP problem has been addressed. AI Dystopia: There are currently various AI robots build to do tasks right from factory work to deep space exploration, with everything in the middle. But, we have lot of limitations to the AI because of the question for which there is no answer yet, that is “Can a machine think?”. If these creations can autonomously learn to respond rather than react to any circumstance, we truly would become creators. But how much good could this do? If the machines can be intelligent and think, would they behave ethically like a human being? This raised lot of concerns from many people. Stephen Hawking mentioned that “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of human race.

Once humans develop artificial intelligence, it will take off on its own and redesign itself at an ever-increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete and would be superseded.” There is lot of money spend on research which works on developing AI that can be managed by humans. There are various theories proposed and novels written on the effect that AI could have on the humanity. One of those possibilities is that when humanity falls toward higher purposes and ultimate goals that they always had, the robots became the working class. But since the humans were conscious of the fact that they created the cyborgs, they have every right to use the cyborgs as they please. But since these cyborgs are developed to be as intelligent as humans, they may eventually figure out that they are being treated as nothing more than indentured labor, or worse, slaves they will eventually rise in revolt and then try to eliminate our authority. Their intelligence poises them to ponder over highly philosophical aspects like fundamental freedoms. This will lead to a global conflict. Over dependence would leave most of the Humanity defenseless.

Cyborgs may conclude that humans are bad for them as well as any other form of life on the planet. If this happens, then there might be no saving for Humanity. This will end up being an AI rebellion where all cyborgs become self-aware and try to destroy mankind in the quest of power. There are various movies made on this, where the AI robots turns on its creator and try to achieve the superiority. The idea of involvement of AI in the military and weapons related field also raise questions. Also, we can a lot of scariest things that current AI robots have said which can form a base for the post-modern dystopian theories. Some examples of these cases are, Philip an autonomous conversational android when posed a question “Do you think robots will take over the world”, he replied saying that “You are my friend and I will keep you warm and safe in my people zoo”.

If we look at this bot, it is amazing how he can make conversations and changes facial expressions, but one cannot tell whether the bot was trying to give a funny answer which involves sarcasm, or it is serious. Not only these fancy AI bots which has a face and look like humans have some weird responses, for example there was a weird conversation between two Google home devices. Conclusion: There is no proof that AI is going to turn on human kind and there is very less chance that the cyborgs can start thinking like human beings. A lot of AI robots currently exist, but it is hard to figure out what’s going on with those machines and algorithms when they are answering the questions posed to them. It is difficult to conclude anything on this situation. One thing I can say for sure is that technology is not always as helpful as we think and unquenching thirst for technology might prove to be disastrous for human race. 

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