“The Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde” by Robert Louis Stevenson

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In the Robert Stevenson serie tale of “The Strange case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde” we are introduced to an uncomfortable situation of a man struggling for control over his own body with the disturbing and deranged character of Mr.Hyde. I have decide to write an analytical essay over this dreadful account of a Dr.Jekyll, due to severe connection with Gothic literature. Throughout the story we as a reader encounter many usual moments and situations.Overall the context of this story is filled with mystery, that eventual builds up to it’s frightening climax.

The most noticeable piece of evidence for this story gothic theme can be seen in the Author's purpose. Robert Stevenson grow up in towards the end of the Gothic Era, and begin writing Gothic fictions and thrillers towards the Revival of the Gothic Era. In Stevenson's biography, it is said he was intrigued with the idea of human nature. He viewed everyone as having two sides: An outermost side where one express emotions/feelings (Good side) and a Innermost side where we hide our deepest secrets/thoughts (Bad side). Stevenson claims to have used both sides of himself while creating “Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde”. It is said he wrotten under the influence of substances and while being sober in order to create the perfect psychological thriller. Stenson uses himself as a representation for Dr.Jekyll’s ordinary life and Mr. Hyde's sadistic evil.

Another connection between “Mr.Hyde/Dr.Jekyll” and Gothic literature can be the cryptic setting of london. In the first chapter of the book “Story of the Door” two characters discuss about the old forgotten building they walk across everyday. They refer to the building and street as “Neglected” or “Run-downed”. I made a connection to this scene with the “The fall of the House of Usher”. Both novels revolve around a sinnister location, where the protagonist is in some way trapped. This can be proven, when later the “neglected” building is later confirmed to be Dr.Jekyll's secret lab and Mr.hyde's home. Besides the forbidding locations in “ Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde” we are also shown disturbing scenes as read in Chapter 4 “The Carew Murder case”. In this chapter we see the true brutally and inhumanity of Mr.Hyde, as he murders Mr.Carew at night in the middle of a dark alley. This tone in the story creates its Gothic composition.

My last main point on my analytical essay will be on the stories moral message and why it relates to gothic literature. The definition of Gothic is condensely describe as this: “A style of literature considered to be dark and dense in darma”. “Mr.Hydes/Dr.Jekyll” moral message revolves heavily around this definition. Doubling (in two different characters) is the main focus. One character in particular (Mr.Hyde) is dark and gritty. The other is more calm (Dr. Jekyll) and involved in drama with the rest of the characters who question his whereabouts.

Overall the tale of “Mr.Hyde/Dr. Jekyll” is one of the pinnacle examples for a gothic novel. It contains gothic elements in its characters,setting and tone. This has been by far one of my favorites novels to review.

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