The Social Prosperity of the Roaring Twenties

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History will always relish in the social changes that were established during the 1920’s, also known as the Roaring Twenties. It was a decade marked by affluence, gender equality, lavish parties, and jazz music.  Following the end of World War One women felt liberated after taking on their new roles in the workplace and started demanding equal rights. Another key feature that distinguished this era were the exuberant parties that were constantly taking place. They were overflowing with drinking, smoking, dancing, and jazz music. Jazz music reached its pinnacle during this decade and was dominated by musicians such as Duke Elliot and Louis Armstrong. These are just a few of the transformations that led to the development of a secular society and gave rise to the Roaring Twenties.

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“The Social Prosperity of the Roaring Twenties”

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For women of the early 1900’s, life’s purpose was defined by family. It was the duty of the women to be the perfect house wife which included bearing and raising children, cooking, and cleaning. Women were not permitted to work as that was responsibility of the man. It was also frowned upon for women to dress promiscuously. As previously stated, women developed a new sense of freedom following World War One due to the necessity for them to take over the role of the men in the workplace while the men were off at war. They began demanding gender equality across the board, and what better way to start off than to require that women have the right to participate in public elections. Women started campaigning for the right to vote as early as 1903, but it wasn’t until after the War that their voices were heard. On August 18th, 1920 the 19th amendment officially granted all women the right to vote. Women all over were exhilarated, little did they know this was just the beginning of the changes to be made that would put an end to the infringement on Women’s rights.

With the changing economy women were workers by day and flappers by night. They engaged in sumptuous parties, attended jazz fest, and showed the same discontent towards prohibition as their male-counterpart. The Victorian age was no more as this new age of women swept the nation with their shoulder length hair, knee-length hems, high heels, and bold make-up. The new wave of independent women decided to please themselves rather than settle down and begin a family.  For the first-time women were publicly displaying promiscuous behaviors and idolizing Hollywood actresses such as Clara Bow for their lewd performances. Women refused to be secluded from any partying activities, therefore, there was always excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. Women were no longer limited to their home life which included the responsibilities caring for the children, husband, and the house. They were now respected and independent individuals who had a prominent role in the growing economy and were accepted for their changing fashion styles.

This movement changed the decades to come. Women’s clothing adapted more and more to resemble men’s clothing and before too long women were wearing pants and suits instead of just dresses and skirts. The entrance of women into the workplace didn’t end with factory and operating jobs; eventually women began demanding jobs that required more skills and education, and they prevailed! This new age of emancipated women laid the first stones of gender neutrality in the 1900’s and redefined the entire image of females.

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