The Significance of the Space Race between the United States and the USSR

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The Space Race was a competition between the United States and the USSR in an attempt to explore space through the use of artificial satellites and aircraft that were manned. The space race could easily be made part of the arms race since developments that are experienced in space research could also be used in military research. Before embarking on the research in space, both the United States and the USSR began the procedure by developing reconnaissance satellites to find out more about space. The Space Race is historically considered significant since it highlighted which nation was best in science, technology, and economic system.

The Space Race commenced after World War II in 1955 when the United States and the Soviet Union realized how significant it would be to carry out rocket research for the military. Each of the countries recruited the top rocket scientists who came from Germany to assist in doing the research. It was in 1955 that the nations that declared to take part in rocket research announced that they would be launching their satellites into orbit for research. According to the Soviet Union, the announcement by NASA to launch satellites into orbit was a challenge that required a commission with the aim of beating the United States in the research.

Under the leadership of Apollo, NASA was successful in achieving several objectives, an indication of the superiority of the United States in the use of technology and science. Between the period of 1961 to0 1964, NASA managed to increase its budget in research by almost 500 percent, with a lot of employees being recruited to assist in the increasingly progressing research. For instance, the lunar landing involved employees who served as industrial and university contractors. The Space Race by NASA was also characterized by occasional setbacks that delayed the progress of space exploration. For instance, Apollo's team was disadvantaged in January 1967 when three astronauts died in an accident. The spacecraft that was being used by the astronauts caught fire during a launch simulation. At the same time, there was a debate over the necessity of the Soviet Union's lunar landing and the unfortunate death of a chief engineer of the program.

NASA was also successful in launching a manned aircraft into the moon in 1968. The first manned aircraft, Apollo 8, was launched from NASA's facility in Florida. A first lunar landing attempt was later carried out by the same team. The exploration turned out to be successful, with Armstrong becoming the first man to walk on the surface of the moon. It was debated by scientists that landing on the moon gave the United States the winning title of the Space Race, a mission that was started in 1957. The Soviet Union, on the other hand, failed to successfully complete four landing attempts on the moon. The success of the United States in the Space Race was the attention of America since the various developments by both the Soviet and the U.S. space exploration programs were covered in the national media.

During the period, astronauts were perceived to be the ultimate heroes in America, while the Soviets were pictured as the definitive bad characters. The Soviet Union showed relentless efforts to surpass the United States and improve the power of the communist system. The bumpy relationships between the United States and the USSR were debated to be caused by periods of mistrust and hostility. However, the civilian nature of NASA made it possible for researchers from the United States to pool resources and advance their scientific procedures.

Research on the Space Race could be vital for education purposes and other scholarship programs. Various reports on space exploration programs are the real definitive overview of major developments that have been carried out in the Space Race. The overview of the developments is a significant tool for educators as well as students who are pursuing their university education. Space reports are noted to be highlighting information from all sectors of space; thus, it is an illustration of how space activity could affect people in the entire world.

Research on the Space Race provides a wealth of information on global space budgets and programs that allow the exploration to be successful. Research on Space Race highlights various ways of integrating reports on space exploration into the coursework. The research includes data on developments at the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of education; hence, it is vital in the learning of science, technology, and engineering. The research also provides learners with the opportunity to compare the United States to other nations that take part in space exploration.

In conclusion, the Space Race was not completely characterized by successful operations. The mission was also known for plenty of failures, such as the crashing of aircraft and deaths on both sides. The exploration of space provided countries that took part in the research with an opportunity to demonstrate their superiority. The Space Race was also driven by the desire to enjoy the military benefits alongside other interests among the countries that carried out the research.

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