Space Exploration is a Noble Cause

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Every kid has thought about being an astronaut, floating in space and playing around, but many people think that space exploration is something that we should not do, and point our money to something more useful such as poverty in the United States. Man has always been interested about space. From when we landed the first man on the moon to now where we are launching rockets to mars with Tesla model S in it.

One of the reason that man has always been obsessed with the idea of space exploration, is the keen curiosity we have which drives us to do remarkable things. Space is one of them we always have wondered about what might be out there, are there other living beings,how many galaxies are there and etc. Space exploration has always been expensive, just U.S space efforts cost 196 billion dollars per year. I understand that money is one of the big reasons people think that space exploration is not worth it but we can find some kind of chemical, that can be thousands of times more useful than petroleum. Another thing is that scientist are finding ways to reuse rocket parts and try to use less money with the assembly of them.

Sadly there are many negative parts of space exploration. An example would be thay spend billions of dollars for trial and fail process, which sometimes are so messed up they go straight to the dump. Another thing is that during the process of launching to landing it has to be exactly right, if they mess up the launch it can end up at 55 Carni E which is a planet made out of diamonds triple the size of our Earth located at the beginning of the Milky Way Galaxy. Or if they miscalculated the heat the billion dollar project could go up in flames literally. Or it could tip over and NASA would be stuck montering the same place for the next decade, but there are more positive than that that of negative. We can find water on different planets which we already have on Mars. Or we could find life on other planets and understand better about aliens. It would also create hundreds of jobs for people in all fields from a mechanic to a mathematician.

Overall, I believe that space exploration is a noble cause. I do believe that we could get more out of space exploration than the amount we spend on it. We have already began reusing many of the parts that the rocket drops during lift off.

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