The Redevelopment Project is Believed to Reshape the Coastline

The redevelopment project is believed to reshape the coastline that is Virginia Beach. Although the vote for the proposal was in favor of the new redevelopment project not all Virginia Beach residents feel the taxpayers’ dollars should fund such a project because the residents who voted against the proposal feel tax dollars would be better spent elsewhere.

Landscape management for the Virginia Beach area works continuously to maintain the aesthetics of all of Virginia Beach landscapes which include parks, schools, the beach, and roads. “Our mission is to provide internal support for the external delivery of parks facilities, recreation programs, public spaces, schools, and roadways through proactive asset management that focuses organizational resources and processes toward improving/enhancing the long-term value and viability of public assets and protects public investment” (Landscape Management, 2017).

By using an existing site and redeveloping an iconic structure this redevelopment project brings back a beloved historical memories and nostalgia. Businesses along the Ocean front feel this project will benefit the city of Virginia Beach economically by increasing tourism and providing year around entertainment for local residents. Development on Atlantic Avenue reimagines the older run-down space and intends to make significant improvements to the existing buildings, landscape, and opens up opportunity for the future to enhance the almost one-mile corridor.

Landscape Management Division

Aesthetics of the Virginia Beach Coastline is being managed by the Landscape Management Division of the City of Virginia Beach. The Landscape division is responsible for all the landscaping grounds maintenance of city building sites, school sites, park sites, roadways and the resort areas including: 512 building sites, 91 school site and support facilities, 3,685 acres of park land out of 7,495 total acres (

The services of the Landscape Management includes mowing services, litter control services, landscape installation and maintenance, hazardous tree assessment and removal, storm-related emergency services, community beatification projects coordination, special event support, snow and ice removal from building sites and so much more to keep the landscape of the Oceanfront beautiful (

There is a beautification program in which residents and other organizations assist in enhancing the landscape in regard to planning’s of public property. The city of Virginia Beach is fortunate to have a viable, non-profit, state-chartered beautification commission whose activities are directed to the encouragement of beautification programs for the betterment of their community.

The Landscape Management Division of Virginia Beach anticipates continued involvement in joint beautification efforts in the future.

Evaluation and Results

Largescale development projects require the use of more land space. “Visual impact can be substantial and stimulate public reaction” (Cevallos-Sierra & Ramos-Martin, 2018, p. 1154). Visual impact mitigation practices are applied to reduce the level of visual contrast between the project and the surrounding landscape.

The assessment identifies any characteristics or potential impacts that could be a result of the prospective redevelopment. Aerial photographs; site context plan, topographical features plan, landscape character plan, extracts from landscape character assessment, site appraisal plan, visual appraisal plan, landscape opportunities and constraints plan, landscape and open space strategy plan are examples of site context from the Hampton Roads Crossing Study (HRCS) of July 2016.

The (VIA) visual impact assessment should include all subjective or objective judgements and should utilize those judgements in a systematic approach supported by clear evidence and reasoned arguments by engineers and experienced landscape professionals (

The overall outputs of the assessment identify any effects in the redevelopment of the landscape project that can potentially visually impact the community’s aesthetics in a beneficial, neutral, or adverse way. The results can be permanent, temporary, cumulative, direct or indirect (


A visual impact assessment on the proposed redevelopment site provides an analysis of the potential visual impact effects and concerns regarding human appreciation and interaction. Available means to mitigate the visual effects, bring in city-wide participation, and support by qualitative judgement on facilitating the redevelopment project by redesigning established structures and space not only enhances the beauty of the landscape but increase city revenue. City officials along with the Landscape Management Division, and community involvement assist and support the redevelopment of Atlantic Avenue in Virginia Beach. Because of this perfect marriage between the community and the township Virginia Beach is one of the most up-kept beautiful coastlines on the Eastern Region of the United States.

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