The Prince Presents a Picture of Political Realism

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Niccol de Bernardo de Machiavelli 1469-1527 Born and died in Florence, was a thinker and political philosopher of Italy during the Renaissance. Machiavelli was born to a lawyer, Bernardo de Nicola Machiavelli, and Bartolome di Stefano Nili, who were descendants of an ancient Tuscan family. His father was a nobleman Machiavelli was a broad educator, but he showed a sharp intelligence. At first, he was followed by the Italian politician and politician Girolamo Savonarola, who was named the servant of the Lord. Savonarola addressed young Italians to hold on to virtue, but Machiavelli He was a political man who sought to separate religion from power by making Florence a republic. His life could be divided into three parts, which represented an important era in the history of Florence. In his youth, he developed Florence's prosperity and greatness as an Italian power under Lorenzo de And the fall of the Medici family in 1494, when Machiavelli entered the public service, during which Florence was liberated and became under the rule of the Republic, which lasted in 1512, when the Medici regained power, but when it returned to power, Machiavelli was accused of conspiracy and imprisonment, He chose the life of the living A slip in the countryside where many books, most notably the book of the Prince, were ruled and ruled by the Medici until 1527, when they were evacuated from the city on 22 June again, and then the period that resulted from Machiavelli's activities and his works, but he died, at the age of about fifty-eight Before taking office in power.

Mikyavili has played an important role in the development of political thought. He has established a new approach to politics, with the promise of attempts to transcend religious thought, a turning point to overcome the religious authority that prevailed in European political thought in the Middle Ages. Mikafili was thus an important turning point in the history of thought. The reason for my interest was that he was the main character and founder of the real political theorization, which later became the mainstay of political science studies. He was the author of the book of the prince, which was the goal of Machiavelli's goal to write instructions to the rulers of the world. What is useful is harmful And was an early image of utilitarianism and political realism. Nicolas Machiavelli was not just a writer, philosopher or theoretician. He was a strong participant in the turbulent and unstable political life of Florence in his lifetime. They established a tyrannical rule, but preserved the old republican regimes, while they were firmly in power. The Machiavelli family was not loyal to the Medici family, and the father of Nicola Machiavelli was a well-known lawyer, a leading proponent of the republic. As for Machiavelli's life as a young man, Educate the culture of children of medicine Of the usual medium of his time in the history of the Romans recited and Latin translations of the various mothers of the ancient Greek books, she has been caught in the era of the Prince Mdechi called the name of the people of Florence "Great Lorenzo." His reign was considered a golden age for Italian Renaissance.

Machiavelli was adopted during his lifetime after being exiled from his city after being invaded and elected as secretary of the Second Counselor of the Republic of Florence, overseeing foreign affairs and military affairs. Machiavelli continued to rule for thirteen years. In his rural exile, he spent a small income from his property, The Suburbs. He would wake up early and go out into the forest, talking to the woodcutters and exchanging rumors and rumors. Then he would go to one of the hills alone, and there he would read Dante, Chirac or Tapulous or Afid. After a light lunch he would go to the bar and talk to the miller, They play cards and dice and fight for a few dirhams. When evening comes, he returns home and changes his rural clothes, which are usually hit by dirt and dirt during his tour. He wears court clothes and carpets to be with his loved ones and enters his private library. During that time he recorded notes in a small book he called "The Prince".

McAfee's community is evolving on natural causes. The driving forces of history are the material interest and power. He has observed the conflict of interests between the masses and the ruling classes. McAfee called for the creation of a free national state of feudal conflicts, capable of suppressing popular unrest, The means of political conflict. "The end justifies the means" justified the cruelty and brutality of the rulers' struggle for power, and Machiavelli's historical importance was that he was one of the first to see the state with a human eye and devised its laws from reason and experience rather than theology. Many of the "hammers" on the political life of the Roman Republic of Florence and several states, through which he excelled in explaining other views, on all the "Machiavelli", which researchers view as misrepresenting Machiavelli and his ideas, It is fitting to say that Machiavelli acquires the qualities of Machiavelli rather than Machiavellian. The Prince's book was not published until five years after Machiavelli's death, and so some did not understand and attacked it. Until his name became M The first to attack Machiavelli was Cardinal Paul, which led to the prohibition of reading the Prince's book and disseminating his ideas, as well as criticizing Gantier in the vast volume of Machiavelli's ideas. Rome wrote his book in 1559 within the forbidden books and burned every copy of it. The light of the Renaissance Throughout Europe, Machiavelli appeared to defend and translate his books. Machiavelli did not reach his mind until the 18th century when Jean-Jacques Rousseau praised him and his sister. Hegel saw genius. Machiavelli was one of the pillars of the Enlightenment in Europe.

Through a careful reading of some pages in the Prince's book. We are aware of the great role played by Michaveli, which was a synthesis of the efforts of enlightened intellectuals and thinkers in society. It was the first building blocks of the development of political thought, but of the development of the concept of the state. He had to rely on his temporal power to preserve the state, where Machiavelli was based on Aristotle's thought. The state always came first and proclaimed its vision for that stage without fear of the Church. Although he was religious but not power Ecclesiastical place in the mind of Micaveli and faced because of that hostile hostility But the goal was achieved in the end, and was an open door to move forward in the concept of state, that is the main point in European political history, has succeeded the political philosophical mind to get the clergy from the political process to develop the concept of state, This was the great entrance in Europe, the turning point for the transgression of religious authority in European political thought in the Middle Ages, and through this bright passage in the history of Europe, we may be able to understand the causes of the fall of states in the history of the Arabs in the Middle Ages. Back to the embrace of the clergy in Tire m In short, the Machiavelli experience paved the way for the rest of human development in the concept of state in history. The task was completed by the symbols of the following stages: Voltaire, Montesquieu, John Locke, and Wagon Jacques Rousseau and other liberal Enlightenment thinkers, but McAfee forever remains an important turning point in the history of political thought in the world.

"The end justifies the means" one of the most famous sentences that are often traded and give me the impression of opportunism and selfishness, but there are generations do not know Machiavelli only this sentence, and considered him a bad opportunistic person only on the basis of a prior impression is only that Makaveli, who was considered a political figure And philosophical importance in the Republic of Florence. Although McAfee did not complete his education but succeeded in being the true founder of political science, writing poetry, carnival songs and comedy were the most important areas in which the founder of modern political science wrote. Although the jewel of the contract is the book of the Prince, who became a reference to the rulers everywhere in the world since the issuance of the Prince's book and to this day is one of the most famous books in politics. Some consider that Machiavelli in his book seemed to show great support for the satanic and immoral behavior of the rulers. While the other two consider that the book presents a picture of political realism and the separation of politics from religion, to establish the political idea possible or can be implemented on the ground without illusions or religious or moral considerations, was educated man if not received a certificate or complete his studies, where he studied Latin Grammar and syntax, but it is surprising that he did not learn Greek at a time when Florence was a center of Greek scholarship.


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