Stereotypes about Hispanic People

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Stereotypes are something we hear all the time by anyone. We all label someone by their appearance, the way they look, act, or talk. Just because we’re labeled as something people see us as, doesn’t make it true. Just like the hispanics stereotype, people see them as brown, illegal, and with low minimum wage jobs. Latinos are known as all being Mexican, having big families, and how latina women should be housewives.

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“Stereotypes about Hispanic People”

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One stereotype that I feel that will never die down is that all hispanic people are mexican. Especially if an individual is brown. As the article Colombia Chronicle states, A majority of hispanic immigrants do come from Mexico, but Latin America is more than just Mexico. People get offended when others immediately think they’re Mexican simply because of their skin color or the way they look. The ones that think of people as Mexican forget that there are other places in Latin America such as Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras. I understand how these people feel because I have felt the same way when people immediately think i’m Mexican simply because of my skin color.

For example, there was this one time at work when a man in his late 40s came into the store and I greeted him. For a couple of seconds he stared at me making me feel uncomfortable until he finally speaks up saying You’re from Mexico? It wasn’t really an insult but I took it as one because he first made me feel uncomfortable with his stare and after thought I was Mexican. Which I am but I just didn’t like the fact that that was the first thing that came to his mind due to the way he saw me. This ideas that people have that everyone is Mexican makes them ignorant because Mexico isn’t the only place that exists and Mexican people can be light skin and with colored eyes.

The ?all Latinos have big families one can also be a big problem. In my family, I actually don’t have 20 cousins all around the world or aunts and uncles that I don’t know but are related to me. There are some big families but its not everyone but people don’t seem to notice or care and just go with what they think or know. In the US women get help from welfare or food stamps, making some women very greedy and get pregnant once again. While this isn’t everyone, that’s also another reason why other people think Hispanics have many kids, because they get more money without having to lift a finger. But it’s not every woman. I’ve seen some moms out with their kids in the cold or hot weather, selling any little thing they can sell in order to be able to keep their family safe and not have them miss a single meal.

According to Demo Nemo there is about 3.25 people in the average Hispanic household, making hispanics have the largest household in the US. While hispanics do tend to have many people in an apartment, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all family. My parents before used to share a one bedroom apartment with 4 other people. Out of those four people, only one was family. The rest were his friends. Same with kids, I’ve met so many women who always say they don’t want any more kids after having two to three. Pew Research Center states how it has made a big decrease over the years. Parents went from having four or more children to two, three the most making it a big improvement.

The most common stereotype a woman hears is your job when you get married is to be a housewife, care for your husband and children. This is the most ignorant thing that still occurs today. That saying was ago, when our grandparents were younger and our parents were teens. Men are suppose to put a roof over his families head and bring money to their house. While a wife is suppose to give up her life, because its not useful or important and dedicate themselves fully to their home, husband, and children.

While this tradition is old, some parents still follow it and want their kids to as well. I’m thankful my parents dont see it the way and that they weren’t raised old fashioned because I get to be more than a housewife, I get to have my own career and know how to do something in the real word. Be able to feel useful and not only useful in the kitchen.

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