The Patriotic Spirit

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Nationalism manifests mental attitudes, and individual behaviors or societies that refer to loyalty or devotion to the nation and state. The spirit of nationalism must be cultivated in all societies, especially the younger generation. This is because youth are the ones who support the nation, the direction of a nation. We as generations of postmodernism, have been blessed with a variety of pleasures and pleasures. We realize that all we enjoy today is the sacrifices and persecutions that the fighters and people have achieved independently in the past. The spirit of nationalism is increasingly less appreciative, especially the youth. Many of the factors that lead to the decline of the spirit and nationalism of the nation in this society. History of Malaysia proves that the struggle to liberate their homeland from occupation is due to the strong practice of patriotism in themselves the country has achieved its independence in the 20th century.

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“The Patriotic Spirit”

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Therefore, the spirit of patriotism must be adopted by all communities especially younger generation so that the country continues to advance in various aspects. As for this assignment, yes, I have tendency agreed with the lack of practice of Malaysian values and the spirit of being a good Malaysian especially amongst the younger generation. Patriotism is important to shaping society in Malaysia in terms of socials, economics, political and cultural environment especially in this era. There are many challenges in order to implement strong values of patriotism among youngster. As today, many young people are very individualistic and more preferred self interest more than national interest. Some of them may also do not know how precious they are of being a Malaysian. Hence, one of the suggestions and initiative step that can be taken is by adding programs that calls for the involvement of youth of all races. For example, Rakan Muda and Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKN) that can empowered and shaping youth.

The second challenge, young people nowadays are more to ensure the people who are in the same race only can easily get what they want socially, economically and politically. Nowadays society is more concerned with their careers, busy with their daily dealings that cause them to ignore the other factors. For them the most important thing in life is to earn extra income and other things are less concerned, the spirit and nationalism of the nationalism are fading away in the society. Also, society is no longer concerned with the spirit of nationalism and campaign patriotism awareness and national celebration is no longer excited to be celebrating. In other words, some people are still hesitant to accept the concept of racial diversity. This kind of selfish attitude can lead to uneasy feelings among other races and it is very difficult to form a healthy society. Therefore, the Government needs to play an important role by be more strict and firms regards to punishment or compound especially to those who insults the country and nation itself as well as other offenses that may lead to actions or any threaten to the national security.

The third challenge is some of the youngsters of all races were mostly born after Malaysia’s Independence is less emphatic about Malaysian History. Current problem is, the students nowadays are less interested in History subject. Therefore, I suggested Ministry of Education Malaysia need to play the main role by improving the Malaysia Education System especially in History subject. The education plays an important role in shaping the society in Malaysia so that younger generation has passion and love for the Country. My suggestion is parents and teachers also need to play their roles by show some good example of ethics and good cultures towards their children and younger generation to respect others culture, religion and creates value and spirit of being a good Malaysian.

The era of globalization is now full of advanced technology and it is undeniable that internet is important and affected in social, educational and everyday life. It is undeniable that social media is a great and influential platform especially for teenagers who are following the current “trend”. If social media is not used properly it can contribute to negative symptoms. For example, the mass media is a major contributor to moral collapse among youths such as teenagers are easily get influenced by western culture or easily uploading status or sensitive issues in social media regardless of other communities. Therefore, parents should monitor the movement of children to block this immoral issue. Teenagers are also encouraged to make friends with various races and communities and teenagers are encouraged to do beneficial activities especially during their leisure time. This will increase spirits of friendship between all races regardless skin colors.

In conclusion, the patriotic spirit is essential to giving citizen of love to this country and each of the younger generation surely become a useful individual to their own race, religion and country. Youth who have a high patriotic spirit will also always strive to advance themselves and their country to achieve progress and development quickly, compared to other developed countries. Hence, all parties must work together and play their respective roles in order to emphasize good ethics and good cultures towards the younger generation spirit of being a good Malaysian.

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