The Life Course of M.P

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In 1932, the year M.P was born, the United States was in the midst of the Great Depression and just a few years away from the start of World War II. Finances were of great concern at the time for all of America. These historical events had a significant impact on the way that M.P carried out his life as a child, young adult, and as a professional. Specifically, M.P. grew up with a low socioeconomic status, and his family lacked resources as first-generation Americans. He fostered a strong work ethic from a young age that influenced his parenting, work ethic, and career choices throughout his life. The developmental life course perspective, (De Leeuw et al, 2015) how societal factors affect one’s experiences and opportunities, helps explain the way M.P lived his life. Considering aspects of the Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological system, (Bhat, 2015) M.P’s life was shaped by the influence the macro system had on his exosystem, which influenced his Microsystems, leading to how his perspective on life formed. Furthermore, his life choices that he made had a direct impact on the aspects of the systems in which he influenced by tremendously. The great depression affected the neighborhood in which M.P lived and the work environment as well. This then impacted M.P’s family and peers, which ultimately influenced M.P’s view on life and society. Therefore as an adult M.P took all the things he learned as a child and young adult and implemented the values instilled within him by his family, and changed what he found to be anti-his life philosophy as he raised his own family, and began to have a more significant impact on society at large.

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“The Life Course of M.P”

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Early life

M.P parents were immigrants. They migrated after the world war ll. They lived a miserable life with little recourses and fewer opportunities. He lived his entire life finding the job and securing employment. His extended family worked in a shoe store until retirement in Florida. All these surrounding circumstances influenced his whole life. His parenting styles and giving back to the society were impacted. They settled in the fewer fortune areas. Their neighbors were also weak. Jobless People, uneducated and who cannot afford medical care that was what defined their neighbors. No one in his family got a chance of having a nice job. Neither his grandparents nor his parents had work. Even the small shore shop his father had was later taken to the bank. hence was because of not paying back the bank. The fact that everyone around him lacked recourses it made him more ambitious to work harder. He started generating new ideas.


Societal factors have a great impact on the education sector. M.P got a chance of getting the education and attended school. He proceeded to college. After classes, he would go to the shoe market and bring shoes to their store for selling. Their life depended on that business. So he had to work hard to get enough money for his school. Students brought up in poor environment most of them get a lot of challenge. The student in most cases gets stressed up hence not doing well. The hardships that are experienced are mostly hard for the child to concentrate very well in the academic areas. Since the student has a lot going on in the head that needs to be done. Also, their parents may not have all the money to take care of them during their upbringing hence they end up with lots of complications such as diseases. This makes them not attending school full time, and they end up missing classes, leading to reduced performance. But in some cases like that of M.P, the student gets encouraged by the surrounding and tend to do better t avoid such problems in the future. They encourage them to take their children to the better schools compare to the one they attended. M.P has taken the step of receiving his children to the best school. He does provide to them what he did have before.

Impact of neighbors

People who live around as have a high impact on our lives. Regardless of their status whether poor or reach they do matter in our lives. How you perceive your neighbor can change how you interact with the environment too. If we are brought up in areas prone to crime in most cases, we develop becoming criminals. Activities that are carried out in our environment impacts a lot in our life. The way also we interact with our neighbors is very important. If we relate in a hatred manner, we end up not loving them. Not only will you hate that one neighbor but people of that caliber and group. M.P grew up his neighbors being the black Americans. A racist was at high level. The black Americans had an attitude towards the whites. Most whites hated the blacks while the blacks hated the whites. But he chooses not to despair them. He states that not every person was the same. Even though the blacks seemed to be wrong other reasonable people could also come to their shore shop without any problem and buy for them? Having a good neighbor is very important and healthy. They lead to happiness and harmony among people.


His childhood life greatly influenced his parenting styles. The way he grew up influenced how he brought up his children later. He has lived in a poor surrounding impacted a lot. He saw his parents facing a financial crisis. He grew not having a lot of things in his childhood. Through all of these experiences, he got to learn on the critical aspect of life, importantly the parenting aspect. M.P lived in a weak environment, with lack of enough space. Housing facilities for educations reasons, health care and employment and d enough area for recreation purposes are essential for the growth of a child. Children need a pleasant and spacious space for the growth and development. A place where they can play and engage in their activities, a place where is clean and free from dangerous equipment. A community resource is another factor that is important this include the political governance and organizations. The more a place is well organized and secure a child thrives. Growing up in little community and a socio economically deprived area has a negative impact on a child development. Interactions between individuals and groups are a factor in parenting. M.P got a chance to interact with his parents, and this assisted him during his growth development. Hence he even got a chance to interact with his grandparents in the course of his growth. A child who grows with the support of his parents does thrive. The ability of a child to develop a good social relationship depends mostly on the relationship between the child and the parent. Hence this is one factor that helped M.P to learn as a parent.

Social, economic status

The living standards and category in which a person belongs in the society are the ones referred to as the social, financial status. People usually are categorized based on the level of education, salaries, and jobs. Due to different social status inequalities comes typically regarding power, resources, and privileges. Some areas are also more resourceful than others for instance when you look at Kenya and compare with Saudi Arabia you find that Saudi Arabia has more resources than Kenyan. Many Kenyans go there to look for jobs because of that reason.

Risk factors

These are factors which makes a person prone to some challenges in the environmental surrounding in which a person is living in it. In our scenario M.P had various risk factors including poverty, unemployment, and death of the parents. The environment in which they were living in it also created a significant challenge to their life. Also, the emergence of disease was a significant challenge to them which made their parent dead. Lack of medical facilities in the area made it difficult to treat in time. Inadequate housing is also a challenge to the people. Most of the structure, which is present, is not healthy for their existence, lack of doctor’s leads to the death of many people.

Protective factors

These are factors which assist people to deal with their challenging situations. It reduces stress. Provides the individuals with supportive strategies, this includes family, social, education, financial support. Individual family and community at large receive the assistance. M.P grew up in an area full of risk factors. He lived in an under socially uneconomical area. They had no means or source of livelihood. Their life mainly depended on small business. Despite all those challenges M.P was able to get support from his family. He was able to attend college and did accounting. He also got support from the friends. Hence enables him to go on.

Cultural environment

The people live; their norms and belief define what culture is. The way of life of people determines affects the operations of the community. M.P grew up in a humble background, and they had their way of living. Their parents and grandparent do support the institution of marriage and its part of their culture. Hence when M.P reached the required age, he was given a wife by his grandmother, and he got married and started his own family. In this case, you find that most of the people in that area have the same way of doing things. When his grandparents migrated from their original land they to a new land and settled. They found new ideas and behaviors. It is assumed that they quickly assimilated into the new form of living that was little different from theirs.

Geographical location

It entails the climatically conditions of an area. Different places are found on the various sites. The geographic position of a home, determine its physical environment. In this world, those countries which are less fortune have occupied in the tropical areas where the climate there is sweltering. They cannot engage in any farming due to lack of rainfall. Hence the people living in these areas become vulnerable to poverty. Due to hot temperatures in the region the people also tend to be infected with various diseases. The country, region, and neighborhood with such characteristics are hence disadvantaged. Their growth and development get to be interrupted by this kind of condition. In the case of M.P and his family, there was an outbreak of a certain disease in the area they were living, and this led to the death of his parents. Stability is also another factor which affects the development of a person. Countries which have instabilities, people end up migrating to other countries to seek comfort in those areas, hence leading to movement of people.

Social forces

It includes characteristics of the society which has the ability and leads alteration to both community and the people. Diversity in technology, roles of gender, level of parents’separations and rates of discriminations are some of the elements of the social force. M.P experiences some form of discrimination after they migrated to their new land. Which was occupied by the whites and the black Americans? This had a massive impact on the two groups of people. But we got to understand that this did not affect him since he did not grow lousy attitude towards the rest of the black Americans. A racist is a form of discrimination experienced in the European countries. It does lead to poverty in most areas of the country. People facing discrimination are ignored. They do not enjoy their rights like the rest of the people. They do not access the facilities like the rest of the people, and they are ignored. Migrants the minorities and the marginalized are the ones who mostly face discriminations. They are discriminated right from school to hospital and treated with less care.

Historical events

These include past events that occurred some years back, and they are critical. Every community has their own story and development that gives them a sense of belonging. Most of the stories we do here have both negative and positive impact on our lives. Some of this story has been documented down. Other stories are told by the expert. This story gives people a sense of belonging. The history tries to help people learn and understand their selves better. This leads to the organization of the society in the coming future. Past events have to give people their identity and lifestyle. Hugely influential and critical messages are being passed on through the history of the past. The way people in a community behave reflects in their past lifestyle. The decisions we make also refers back in the past. It gives a reflection on how we go about specific arguments. In this case, past events also act as evidence when it comes to handling domestic matters.

Social institutions

These are structures belonging to the community and fulfill the needs of the people. These structures include education, religious and cultural among others. Their primary work is to organize and preserve the values of the society. Some of the functions of the institutions include creating a sense of belonging and purpose; it also helps in the preservation of cultural values. It also helps in bringing new members in the society and even in the movement of goods and services. Since it mostly involves values and principles of society, it helps bring stability to the nation. The institutions guide the people and help them shape their personality. M.P grew up in the local community he got to different experienced situations which later impacted his life. What he learned he transformed back to his parenting style. This transformation takes place from birth to adulthood. Conversion is a continuous process, and this happens to a people way of life. It does change from one generation to the other through the various social institutions that exist (Bertolotti, M., & Catellani, P. 2014). t. For example educations, people get the chance of acquiring knowledge. In the process some alterations process takes place. The agencies also do help to bring order and control to the society. This mostly is instituted by a political organization which brings peace and harmony to the nation. The socializing process also occurs through the institutions. People pass information to one another in the group, and this happens from birth to adulthood, throughout the person’s lifetime. Reproduction is also a function of institutions. Human characteristics, culture and other forms of human life, are being produced from an economic, political and educational system. This gives people a means of living to the people.


Human beings transform their growth and development. This has a significant impact on the lifetime. Early childhood development should prioritize. Most families are affected by poverty, and this hinders a reproductive growth of a child. Some societies grow in an area with no accessibilities to social services. They end up experiencing difficulties in mobility sector they hence cannot move efficiently. There is also the language barrier, therefore, limiting their availabilities. They end up lacking essential programs and services. This hinders their development. Accessibility to the programs especially when a parent is expectant may lead to a negative implication in the early growth of a child. Hence biological factors should be considered. The personal relationship during the growth development is a very important in the growth of a child. When a child grows, the relationship between him and the mother is significant ( Bertolotti, M., & Catellani, P. 2014).

The environment in which a person grows is essential. The surroundings have an enormous impact on the life of the child. This leads the early development of a child. This leads to the child social, emotional and language growth. Housing is another factor that impacts the life of a child. Children brought up in poor environment most of them do not have suitable accommodation. This includes even the places in which the play around. Most of the sites around them are not safe. To some extent also the situations in which they play are not also clean. At this particular point, they end up contracting diseases. This has been witnessed in the low-class area. On the other hand, the people who come from wealthy families can afford nice and clean playing ground. Their growth cannot be compromised by any elements.

Pollutions of various areas have the high impact on the development. This was witnessed in India. Ares that is highly polluted is not safe for the growth of the child, and this has the effects. They end up affecting the genetic composition of a person and can not change.

A family is also one major factor in the development of a person. A child, who grows up in a united family, generates a lot of impacts in his entire lifetime. He grows up having positive values about life. A family provides a favorable environment. It offers protection and extra support. The size of a family has an enormous impact. In most cases, significant families were associated with poverty. In this case, children in this areas end up lacking the necessary needs. They end up being affected psychologically. For those who cannot afford right nutrition and clothing end up suffering.

Economic factors are significant to consider. A studied conducted that children from fewer fortune areas differ a lot with those from high profile areas. Their body size and maturity have an enormous difference. These differences are brought up by the accessibility of facilities. Also, they both have a different kind of parents how to perceive things differently.

Climatically and environmental conditions of a place have the significant difference because of this, people from different place behave differently. The behavior of a person reflects the area he or she comes. Separate geographical area develops people of varying character and leads to people operating distinctively.


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