The Influences of the Hip-Hop and Rap Culture

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Don’t you think that hip-hop/rap culture had left negative influences on people? Hip Hop and rap was first introduced in the early 1970s in New York City by the African American community, it was considered as subcultural music. While hip hop and rap can have positive influences to , Hip hop and rap have negative influences on people because it leads to violence , it leads kids to have sex which can result to pregnancy or a std, and it leads to drugs. First of all, In hip hop and rap can lead to sex. In the article How Are Hip Hop and Rap Music Affecting the Youth, narrated by Monica Acharya, Medium, Nov 11, 2015 4a03b03236, she states that these day most sexual scenes are usually scene in hip hop videos.Acharya also states that ,the youth can think it’s okay to become Intimate with whoever they desire. This can highly increase to pregnancy and a std Infection. In her charts it shows that black students have move more sex than other race. Acharya also mentions that black students have a higher chance of getting a STD. The black youth listen to rap more than the other race.

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“The Influences of the Hip-Hop and Rap Culture”

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Overall, the black youth have more intention for sex so, that leads for a higher rate of getting A std. Second of all, hip hop and rap can lead to drug use and drinking alcohol . In Acharya story she says that hip hop/rap promotes drugs. Drugs are always mention in hip hop/rap music most drugs that are mentioned percocets, weed, xanax, cocaine, molly, codeine, and pharmaceutical drugs. College students do drugs and alcohol due to listening to rap music. In a song by Mane, Gucci and migos I Get the Bag, In a verse by Takeoff he mentions Cocaine, codeine, etcetera (white) Cocaine and lean, it’s federal (white), he is talking about drugs that he does which will make people who listen to it want to try them. Too much drug use can lead to death because people might overdose. Rappers also promote drinking and then youth will want to drink too then that can lead to drinking and driving. Finally, drugs and alcohol lead to danger.

Third of all, Hip-Hop also promotes violence. In the article The New Wave of Rap Violence Shouldn’t Be Ignored, narrated by Craig Jenkins, The Vulture, June 19, 2018, . Jenkins states that the rapper Xxxtentacion would beat his ex-girlfriend by Punching, kicking, strangling, and trapping her while pregnant. Jenkins states that Kodak Black was awaiting trial for a sexual assault he did in 2016. Then Jenkins also stated that rapper Tay-K was charged for home invasion and murdering a 21 year old man in Texas. Rapper Xxxtentacion also punched a fan in the face at a concert. Jenkins also states that rappers are always talking about guns and violence. As expressed, hip hop can prevent violence. Not to mention, rap and misogyny. In the Craig Jenkins article me mentioned that rapper treat women bad like Xxxtentacion beating up his ex girlfriend. Then how most rappers use derogatory names like bitch or a hoe. Rappers just see women as sex objects. Rappers think that women have to respect for themselves. Jenkins also states that rappers just use women for pleasure. Rappers disrespect and degrading women they are violent towards then. Therefore, Rappers degrade Women. In addition to, Hip hop/rap has very explicit language. In the article Language In Hip-Hop and Rap Music, narrated by Madison Bess, Odyssey, Nov 30, 2015 .

In Madison bess article she states that in mostly rap song you’ll hear the n-word which can be offensive to some people. That rap also has also has a lot of profanity in rap and hip hop music. Then Bess states that women are objectified in rap music. Then there is a lot of sexism in rap and hip hop music. She also states that kid shouldn’t be learning that kind of language . For this reason, rap music is very explicit and kids should not listen to it. Further more, Mumble rap poorly represents the hip-hop culture. In the article The Rise of Mumbles Rap, narrated by Kathy Landoli, billboard, Dec 12, 2016, Landoli is talking about how mumble rappers don’t use actual lyrics that only mumble words. Mumble rappers talk about what drugs they take in there lyrics (usually xanax, weed, and lean) . Landoli states that mumble Rappers also like to talk about guns and violence. Mumble rappers also like to talk about sex. Then mumble rappers also are bad influence because of there face tattoos. Thus, Mumble rappers have negative influences on people. Lastly, Most of rap music have a negative influence on the use. Hip-hop influence the use of drugs and drinking alcohol. Hip-hop leads to std infections. Hip hop/rappers also degrade women. Hip hop And rap also talk about violence. Finally, Hip-hop/rap have negative Influences on people.

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