Pop Culture Vs. Hip-hop

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Although Hip hop and Pop culture are alike, they differ in their lyrical flow, instruments, and vibes. Pop is catchy while hip-hop has soul; pop music is upbeat and is to be thought of for dancing. Hip-hop is the type of music people listen to as a feeling of empowerment and confidence. Pop music was first introduced in the 1950's as it originated from Britain. This genre of music is a mixture of a variety of musical styles. Pop music make up a variation of Rock N Roll and folk music; throughout the years this musical style continues to change. The style of hip-hop has a rhythmic flow and meaning; words that are said and must be followed up with a word that sounds like the previous one. Hip-hop started in the 1970's and even though The Sugar Hill Gang wasn't the first group to feature rapping, they were the first to make it popular throughout America. Hip-hop has a very distinct sound and vibe that distinguish it from other genres. According to one of hip hops founders, Clive Campbell, hip hop has taken over the world with graffiti, scratching, and freestyling.

Hip-hop is an African American cultural origin style that came from the Bronx, New York City. This musical style samples many tracks together to create a unique bass line and flow; this began as little events were being thrown on the block or in poor neighborhoods. Along with graffiti, this is a competitional dance battle of expression; this urban art is apart of the hip-hop culture and it started out in the 1950's. During these times hip-hop was also known as rap during block parties, rappers were supposed to always sound like they meant business. Typically, the rappers would tell stories of aggression of overcoming struggles and escaping poverty; the rappers usually put their lifestyles into their musical flow.

Pop music relates to a person temporarily as it gravitates towards emotions; which is why this genre of music is intended to appeal the younger generation. Things like sex, money, drugs, love, or lust are basically everything society says is 'fun'. Pop is catchy, a lot of bridges, chorus, and a lot of songs with the sense of getting over a break up or falling in and out of love. These songs are easy to recall and hard to forget, with a short duration and a sick beat. This genre is harmonious and soft like the voice of an angel, its very common and eclectic. It has more than one musical style, most pop artists experiment with their sound; random instruments are used to create a mesmerizing sound and less assorted pitch.

By listening to each type of music it is extremely easy to pick apart the different styles of the individual designs of music. Pop songs always seem to have shorter lyrics than hip-hop and shorter duration time in general. Hip-hop stands out based off their modernism to society; hip-hop is two decades behind the pop genre and is always advancing. In comparison of the way the music is made involving instruments and equipment; pop is quite simple whereas hip-hop uses autotuned, bass lines, scratching, and the sampling of other beats. Hip hop has brought change unto society; since everyday struggles are talked about in raps it captures the attention of different audiences. While pop focuses on making songs that will sell and attract a younger audience to appeal the public.

In conclusion pop culture and hip hop are both feel good musical styles however, they share the differences of lyrical flow, instruments, and vibes. These two genres are both rhythm-based genres but the soul connection of the two differ. Pop is melodious while hip-hop on the other hand is more on the aggressive and rough side. Rap music always have a very strong clear meaning to what the song means. Pop music is clearly the older genre of music and is aimed to please the younger generation, hip-hop is more open and known to the public. Hip-hop was always meant to connect and tell stories of everyday conflict while pop shows only heartbreak and great times. These genres are from different decades with different styles, vibes, and audiences.

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