Initial Influences on Industrialization in Britain

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When we pose a question why industrialization revolutions happened first in Britain in the 18th century, it can be said that several factors, such as geography and natural sources,trade and human capital caused this progress.

With the invention of steam power, some resources were needed to run steam the power machine and in that point, England had proper conditions to reach coal and coal was an important influence to initiate industrialization.Since coal was easily worked, different from other supplies like wood, which was not appropriate to transport. Besides, coal ensured more energy than wood. Moreover, Neuss(2016) explains that thanks to property of geological conditions of Britain, it had lots of access to water, surrounded by sea and crisscrossed by river, This helped to hold transportation of huge quantities of raw material and finished goods.In addition to this, as mentioned by Jeremy Black in videos, England had so many colonies, this provides England to obtain raw material easily.In other words, great Britain’s colonial empire created a ready supply of consumers to purchase its manufactured goods. 

Colonial Empire also provided a ready-made market for surplus goods, providing further impetus to entrepreneurs and new industrialists. Thus, it is possible to say that England's geography really lent to industrialization.Britain embraced scientific evolutions and new technological development. For example, in the article, The Industrialization Evolution Begins in England(1760-1850)(n.d) it is stated that craftspeople were encouraged to apply new technological and scientific changes and some historians claim that this intellectual climate in England can be considered as a key point of industrialization. Political stability is another factor that causes industrialization.For example According to Mcfadden(2019), changes history through the industrial revolution like the Glorious Revolution, in1689, had primarily small, but then great cumulative impact on industrialization. Due to the Glorious Revolution, goverment began to be stable steady, so England was suitable place to do business without taking consideration of brand-new government taking place and laws changes.Thus, England was sen as perfect location to settle down and to do business.

In conclusion, when we think about underlying reason of industrialization, it can be said that increase in consumption sources depending on agricultural progress led to necessity of new range of products.In other words, basically accessibility of sources and development in scientific and technological areas and economical properties triggered the processing raw material to convert new products thanks to mechanical implementations.

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