The Importance of Following Orders

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What are orders? Orders are a verb described in Webster’s Dictionary as, “ to give an authoritative direction or instruction to do something.” They are important as to keep order, a noun, which herein means, “the arrangement or disposition of people or things in relation to each other according to a particular sequence, pattern, or method.” Keeping order is important so as not to inspire chaos. When orders are not followed quickly and as well as a person is capable a unit can quickly become a chaotic, disorganized horde. Following orders inspires discipline, which is highly regarded as the most important resource in the military. In any career it is important to be able to listen and take in what is ordered by ones seniors, this is undoubtedly true in the military where one person acting out of turn could not only compromise the integrity of the group, but it could also put others at risk.

Following orders is essential in ensuring that a group functions more as a unit than a mob. The strength of a unit is portrayed clearly by how quickly, and without question, the disciples follow the command of their leadership. While civilians may question the notion of complete and utter obedience in daily life, a Marine understands that it is by his and his brothers’ unquestionable loyalty and obedience to the Corps that grand ambitions and aspirations require internal function to be effortlessly smooth. An individual who does not understand the gravity of orders in the military can quickly become a handicap on others ability to execute tasks.

Marine Corps core values are honor, courage, and commitment. You fail to show any of those traits if you fail to follow orders without hesitation. Following orders enables one's superiors to instill you with those values, along with the ability to sacrifice because there are a great many things you may have to sacrifice for your country. You almost certainly have to sacrifice time, for boot camp, for work, and for every deployment, you sacrifice time. Experiences, you may miss things when your allegiance is first and foremost to your country and it is equally important for both you and your family to understand that. Without the ability to sacrifice, the ability to take orders, and all of the core values, there ceases to be the order necessary to protect our country, our freedom, that each and every person in the United States of America enjoys on a daily basis.

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