The Hyperloop and other Unbelievable Ideas of Elon Musk: what if they all Become a Reality

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Elon Musk proposed the idea of a Hyperloop in 2012. A Hyperloop is a train system that is made of a capsule with low pressure tubes and it travels on a cushion of air at very high speeds. Because a Hyperloop can travel at high speeds, it can reduce the time it takes to arrive at a destination as well as reduce the cost of transportation. Elon Musk also proposed the idea of tourists flying around the moon and connecting the human brain to a computer. These three ideas are just proportions by Elon Musk, which if they become a reality, will revolutionize the world. The ideas of Elon Musk could significant impact on virtually everyone if they were to become a reality as they would provide the much needed solutions to everyday challenges.


A Hyperloop is a high-speed train system that can travel at speeds of over 700mph. If it becomes a reality, it could change how passengers travel. Automobiles have proved inefficient over the years because of traffic jams that cause delays. Air transport however fast, is not convenient for everyday travel because of the location and the specific times of flight. The available rail system is outdated and cannot cater for the entire population. The Hyperloop will solve the problems of road, rail and air transport. It incorporates the speed of air transport with the convenience of a train and it cannot create traffic jams. This two characteristics will enable for faster and cheaper transportation (Ross, 2016). The Hyperloop will be safe since it travels on a tube in an underground tunnel which will protect passengers from extreme weather and disasters. Since it will be running on electricity alone, the use of greenhouse gases and fossil fuels will be minimized. The Hyperloop also has its own challenges as the high speeds of the Hyperloop may affect the passengers by making them dizzy. If anything were to go wrong in the Hyperloop, it would create a catastrophe.

Space tourism was proposed by Elon Musk in 2017 and he wanted SpaceX to facilitate two people to travel around the moon. If the possibility of exploring space becomes a reality, it will be fun and beneficial. It will provide information that can be used by NASA and STEM in creating space programs such as the anti-icing systems (Weinzierl, 2018). It will also trigger the innovative minds of people in a bid to try and overcome challenges in order to further explore space and this innovativeness will help better the earth. It will also create the possibility of finding and obtaining new raw materials.

Neuralink was started by Elon Musk with the idea to develop a technology known as Neural Lace that would create the possibility of a person to interact with a computer by uploading what others think and downloading one’s thoughts (Livingston & Risse, 2019). This technology will enable the testing of diseases that affect the brain such as Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy.


The Hyperloop will change the form of modern transportation in that it will allow for a faster and cheaper form, it will minimize disasters and reduce the dependency of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases. Space tourism will enable NASA and STEM obtain information for developing space programs. It will also lead to development of innovations like anti-icing systems. The Neural lace will be crucial in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases like Parkinson’s that affect the brain. 

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