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Elon Musk is one of the most successful people in the world. His successes range of electric cars up to space. In this book goes there to Elon passions and skills, among other things, about, people to help, located in front of the destruction to save. This goal prompted him to Solar energy, electric cars and space research to work, and led to its huge success. It succeeded him, twice in the tech industry successfully to be what the majority of tech entrepreneurs do not even can. Musk distinguishes itself in its motivations of a typical businessman. He is first the desire of humanity with deep empathy to help. He is concerned about the use of fossil fuels and the threat of the Earth by asteroids and the resettlement of mankind to Mars.Through its extreme determination, things to do, is to Musk often very ambitious goals, which sometimes do not realistically have. He is also this known, incredible workloads assign and his staff verbally to abuse.

The people respect Musk for his work ethic. The people know, that it is the is what them success brings. Musk h as grueling weekly schedule and h e believes really in the, what he does in, to be able to a lifestyle continue.

His education in South Africa was difficult. He did not have many friends. Musk parents split up. He decided to, with his father to live together, to him company to make, even though it always still very difficult, this was to do since it between them turmoil was. He was regularly bullied in the school and had to pause because of the heavy blows even a whole school week. Musk pulled up in books and h is favo u rite book was: 'Per Anhalter through the galaxy.' This book taught him, that it simply is, a question to answer, but to know what the right question at all was, was difficult.

Musk learned Entrepreneurship when he was young. He already sells his video game blastar, for $ 500, when he was just 12 years old. In high school, he was already forming a very strong opinion on solar energy, the colonization of other planets, paperless banking and space rockets.

Elon escaped the military service in South Africa, by it to Canada emigrated, although he originally in the United States wanted. He attended Queens University, where his self-confidence to get started and his character shape assumed. He became even more ambitious. He began to public speech competitions to participate, studied business and wooed the woman of his dreams : Justine Wilson that finally the mother of his six sons was. Initially had Justine no interest in Elon. She got him at their first date to the side, but he would not No as a response to accept. He was stubborn and found out her favorite taste through a friend. Then he turned up at Justine. This success through determination has been Musk's constant approach in all walks of life.

After its completion wanted Musk necessarily the dotcom train rise. He founded in 1995 the Global Link Information Network, which in Zip2 renamed was and companies who do not know the Internet had the access to Internet enabled. The most enterprises have the Internet as a fad dismissed or not understood. Elon and his brother have in the management of this company, many rejections received.

The venture firm Mohr Davidow Ventures recognized musk drive and invested in their start-up, replacing musk as CEO and turned instead Rich Sorkin one. You have the entire technical process revised, by them better engineers adjusted the extensive code shortened and the processes optimized have. Elon was constantly doing caught, unrealistic estimates leave. As he said, that some 1 time take would, knew the owner, that it one day take would. As he on one day estimated, knew the owner, that it contains 1 sennight take would.

In February 1999, Compaq Computer offered to pay $ 307 million in cash for Zip2. Musk was however not it interesting, for Compaq to work, and planned already, a successful CEO to be. With the money from the Compaq acquisition, Musk bought a McLaren sports car, a condo, and a propeller plane. The rest of the money went to a new internet company :

The competition from Musk consisted of Peter Thiel and Max Levchin of Confinity and their new product Paypal. There was a brief struggle between Confinity and, but shortly after they decided had, itself due to complementary positions unite : the sexy product of Confinity, Paypal and the money from and superior banking products. Thus, this merger made sense.

Two months after the merger, Thiel resigned and Levchin also threatened to do so. Musk still always the brand push, although the majority of employees PayPal preferred. The company was divided, and their sites were often to below and their computer systems were crashing frequently from.

There was then a coup against Musk him as CEO distant and Peter Thiel in his place sat. This happened, as Musk on his honeymoon was. Musk has been a consultant of the company leave. The company was renamed from to PayPal. In the year 2002 was it for 1.5 billion US dollars in eBay selling. Musk's share was $ 250 million. This brought him to his wildesten dreams to realize.

2001, on his 30th birthday, drew Musk to LA, equal to the corner from the center of the space industry. Musk wanted to already always in the space involved. His first project was in it, is with the Mars Society to deal, the fornicating mice in space bring wanted to the feasibility of life in space to prove. Musk liked the plan, but he wanted it instead to Mars set. This plan was eventually fall behind.

In June 2002 launched Elon SpaceX. ( Space exploration technologies ). He wanted, that it is the 'South-West Airlines of Space' is. At this time had the sending of 500 pounds into orbit 30 million US dollars and more cost. Elon was able to improve this and sent 1,400 pounds into space with the Falcon 1 rocket at a cost of $ 6.9 million.

Musk had extremely aggressive goals on his first start. He wanted, that the first engine in May 2003 the second in June, the missile body in July and the full Assembly in September with the launch in November completed be. This would be a start only 15 months after the start of the company...

Musk knew, that the majority of starts so far failed were, for example : Atlas' 9 of 20 had failed. He was on a failure prepared. It took actually him to four years the first successful start to reach. This commitment has to be paid as SpaceX as the first trading company, the Dragon capsule to the space promoted and with an ocean landing on Earth brought back. Electric cars were not as cool before Elon Musk his contribution made. Musk helped the world that technology for electric cars as exciting and progressive to recognize.

JB Straubel, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning have been on lithium ion - electric cars worked. Eberhard and Tarpenning founded Tesla Motors on 1 July 2003. Straubel closed to them at. Tesla's first product was the ' tzero ' - a body made of a Lotus Elise and a drive technology licensed by AC Propulsion. The Zero should accelerate faster than a Ferrari and be fully electric. At this time would be no one in the idea of investing, except Elon Musk, of the 6.5 million dollars invested. This made Elon the sole shareholder and the chairman of the company. He wanted to revolutionize electric cars and eliminate pollutant emissions.

By 2012 was the Model S from Tesla for 'Car of the Year ' by Motor Trend named. Consumer reports gave him the highest rating in history, of 99/100. Tesla is considered as the most successful emerging automotive companies since Chrysler in the year 1925. The Model S is a 'computer on wheels' refers to, as it at startup on a continuous Internet access and a start without keys possessed. Musk is now in three business units operate : SpaceX, Tesla and SolarCity. All three complement each other strategically. This common and ambitious goal is : Sustainable life for all people.

Musk's plans are often perceived by humans as too ' far -fetched '. One such plan is the Hyperloop, a large-scale pneumatic hose, which for the rapid transport over short distances for people and cars with sleeves used is. This idea differs itself from similar designs, the previously proposed were, through the use of low pressure - and floating capsules. The capsules themselves have built-in motors for extra thrust, but the main thrust comes from electromagnetic pulses. This solar-powered mechanism accelerates a pod of 800 Miles per hour and allows it to you, in 30 minutes from Los Angeles to San Francisco to get.

Tesla's plans are the SUVs Model X, followed by the sedan Model 3, which only $ 35,000 cost is. The Gigafactory will be the world ' s largest factory of lithium ion - batteries produce, the market with enough batteries for all vehicles delivering and charging stations fully electric driving over long distances to allow.

SpaceX is testing its ability to bring people into space and to the International Space Station in 2016. Elon's dream is to be the first human to enter Mars.


Elon takes no no as a response, is worried about the survival of humanity, has a difficult personality and a big ego. Elon is a great example of this, that you any desired idea pursue can. No matter, whether it is doing to electric cars is that Ferrari beat, mice to Mars send, the same woman twice married, or to all other what crazy sounds. He is deterministic and a dreamer and performers. He delivers what he says, and leaves the people he trusted. He has managed, to succeed in so many areas to dare, even though the people him because his attitude is not very liked, but he has a strong work ethic and a code of conduct, the very important is to be in an organization successfully to be.


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