The Gulf War over Kuwait

The Gulf war was a war over Kuwait which Iraq invaded Kuwait and that started a war with 35 nations led by America against Iraq. It was August 2nd 1990 to Feb 28th 1991 was the gulf war a.k.a. Operation Desert Shield. Americas president was George H.W. Bush and the dictator of Iraq was Saddam Hussein.

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“The Gulf War over Kuwait”

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            On August 2nd 1990 the dictator of Iraq Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and took control of the country in a few days. Saddam Hussein was tired of everyone thinking he was all talk but no show so he finally showed the world what he was made of. Nobody expected the invasion on Kuwait it caught everyone by surprise, Kuwait had lots of allies that Dictator Saddam Hussein did not know about. Kuwait was a small country but was very rich in the oil industry and supplied oil to a lot of the surrounding countries around it. Kuwait doing this it built up allies over time more than 35 countries were willing to fight for Kuwait including the U.S.

          After Iraq took over downtown Kuwait they were heading for a larger target Saudi Arabia within less the Kuwait country takeover Iraqi forces stood on the border of Saudi Arabia. During this time Saudi was informed from the pentagon that america was ready to assist Saudi if the King Fahd was to say yes to the request. In minutes of the meeting with secretary of defense Dick Cheney and General Schwarzkopf got the green light from King Fahd in the assist of Saudi Arabia this deal turned into the largest buildup of American forces since the Vietnam War. It was not long after the king said yes that the 82nd airborne division and 300 combat aircraft were dead set on going to Saudi Arabia. It was coming to the end of 1990 and there were 200,000 American Personal in Saudi Arabia by far enough to stop any iraq forces attack.

                It was the year of 1991 the month was January there was Kuwait in hands of Iraq forces but on the border in Saudi Arabia was American forces, British, French, Egyptian, and even Syrian forces that all came up to a decision. To give Iraq forces a day to get out of Kuwait without any conflict between them they gave iraq a chance on January 15th to surrender Kuwait. The morning of January 16th 1991 silence was finally broken when A1 american tanks were releasing everything they had on the Iraqi border. On the first day americans destroyed the radar stations, and other key elements for the anti- aircraft network. They started to do bombing runs in downtown iraq at the presidential palace, communication centers, and power stations. The allied forces only lost 2 aircrafts in the attack it lasted all day and all night bombing high value targets a.k.a. High value target.

          The operation desert shield was a war that was mostly a war that was fought with machines but their was still ground troops in the fight but the machines were being more used this war. President Bush sent 140,000 American troops and sent M1 tanks to help the ground troops to cover ground faster and to keep our american soldiers safe. The 82nd Airborne division was the one in control of the aircrafts and took control of the air. The American troops were nonstop moving through the city taking down iraqi military and their major components. The U.S.A had an small plan invasion called the big hurt was a invasion that was only u.s. Aircraft AH-64 Apache Helicopters, B-52 Satroforces bomber, F-117A Stealth fighters and the RPV Drones.

          It was so far a success for the small war to gain control back to the country Kuwait taking out most of iraqi forces key components for their military. On January 17th at 3am in the morning the iraqi fired seven scud missiles at Israel that was one of saddam threats was to have a chemical outbreak in the city of Israel. Israeli citizens, military were mad but did not take action because america promised the killing of saddam to let them know that the attack to israel was not a victory to Iraq. The day of January 29th was about to be the biggest battle to happen during the Gulf war the Iraqi forces took over a small town that was eight miles away from the Kuwait border. Saudi forces moved in and tried a counter attack on the iraqi forces that iraq forces held the town over day and night. Then the morning was a different story iraqi forces fled from that town and Saudi forces regain control of the town.

          The month of february the war has only been less than a month old with Iraqi forces still taking control of Kuwait but the american forces were moving swiftly and effectively. It was on February 24th at 4am were ground troops was marching over into Iraq for a three stage takeback of Iraq. 1st stage was for american troops to gain back control of the city in Kuwait the 2nd stage was to flank a fleet of iraqis in the west. The 3rd stage was way to the west beyond major iraqi lines that would outflank Iraqi forces. Day 2 of the ground attack Iraqi forces fired a scud missile into a U.S barracks killing 28 American Soldiers while that happened the U.S blocked off a retreat route for the Iraqi forces. Day 3 of the ground attack small battles america and iraq is about to start the largest tank battle in history american tank forces engaged the iraqi tank forces was easy as shooting fish in a barrel. The Highway to Hell was when Iraqi forces were retreating out of Kuwait before they left the country they had 700 oil wells lit on fire the americans bombed the iraqi forces on the highway for one- hundred hours straight no stop until President Bush ordered cease fire. April 5th 1991 the gulf war came to an end with American casualties only at 293 and Iraq casualties 100,000 killed 300,000 wounded.

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