Comparison of Afghanistan War and Iraq War

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The military involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq was a hunt for terrorism: The United States involvement in Afghanistan started with the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, D.C. which brought the world together in unity against a global threat by Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda. The United States was asked by the Taliban who was in control of Afghanistan for negotiations but this request was rejected by the United States who wanted to take military action against the terrorist.

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“Comparison of Afghanistan War and Iraq War”

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Operation Enduring freedom a joint operation of United States, Afghan Northern Alliance, United Kingdom and Canada began on October 7, 2001 by 2006 the control of the operation was given to Nato’s International Security Assistance Force. Prior to 9/11 and Operation Enduring Freedom. A government report was made on Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda stating that after a United States embassies attack in Kenya and Tanzania, the United States responded with cruise missile attack on Osama bin Laden failed and may have brought al-Qaeda and the Taliban together in one political and ideological group and this report was written in 1999. What I did find in the report that was interesting, Dr. Richter stated that the war against would not be won because terrorism will be a global problem (Dr. Gary W. Richte).

With the information that I have found so far on the Afghanistan war, the United States government has plans in place prior to deal with al-Qaeda as well as the Taliban but when 9/11 took place those plans were put in to action. The United States involvement in Iraq: In 2003 President George W. Bush made an address to the American public that was televised that coalitions forces were in in the early part of operations in the effort to disarm Iraq and to put the focus liberating the Iraqi people from Saddam Hussein. Within 90 minutes after the dead line set on Saddam Hussein to leave or face the consequences of war the coalition started hitting the first targets Saddam Hussein went underground to hide from the assault that was raining down on the Iraqi government( Staff).

There was one problem after the invasion there was a lot of guerrilla fighting taking place after military victory, there was one issue and that was the lack of plans of a post Iraq security. There were several documents pertaining to the future of Iraq and one of these documents stood out; which took place a month before military actions in Iraq. The memorandum was for Under Secretary of State Paula Dobriansky stating that Recognizing that the military is reluctant “to take on ‘policing’ roles,” the bureau heads predict that “a failure to address short-term public security and humanitarian assistance concerns could result in serious human rights abuses which would undermine an otherwise successful military campaign, and our reputation internationally.” This came on the heels of a warning that there was “serious planning gaps for post-conflict public security and humanitarian assistance (DRL-Lorne W. Craner, PRM-Arthur E. Dewey, INL-Paul E. Simons).

With looking at both Afghanistan War and the Iraq War you can see that the Afghanistan War was more prepared for was Iraq War in some ways prepared for except the end results of this action. The other thing about the Iraq War the country that set next door which is Iran and its influence that is spreading through Iraq and this is also happening in Afghanistan and this comes after the two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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