The French Revolution and the Politics of Government

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The Revolution started is a fundamental and relatively sudden change in political power and political organization which occurs when the population revolt against the government. Many important parts of the revolution is what added up to end it. For example, Meeting of the Estates General, The Tennis Court Oath, Storming of Bastille, March on Versailles, The Reign of Terror, and The Rise of Napoleon.

Meeting of the Estates-General:

During the Meeting of the Estates-General King Louis XVI wanted to discuss taxes because of the financial crisis. While he is talking the Third Estate wanted more political power. The meeting contributed to the rise of the Democracy by Freedom of Speech and the Right to Vote by order and choose you own government. The meeting also talked about how to get the approval for the tax reforms.

The Tennis Court Oath:

The Tennis Court Oath was an indoor Tennis Court where the people of the National Assembly, and the third estate talked about having their own rights and wanting their own government. They had moved to the Tennis Court because of King Louis XVI had kicked them

out of their own meeting room. The third estate members/ peasants made a pledge to execute the King and Queen because they would not let them decide their own rights. They had so much hatred towards the King and the Constitution of 1791.

Storming of the Bastille:

On July 14, 1789 peasants stormed the prison known as the Bastille. These peasants wanted the rights to protest or assemble with gunpowder. Not only that, they also wanted gunpowder and the rights to have these firearms. The Bastille burned down was known as freedom for the revolution. Peasants also started panicking because they thought they had no one in control.

March on Versailles:

Angry woman had no bread or water and they were frustrated that they couldn't get any food because of the rise of taxes King Louis XVI had done. The King was so selfish he did not care. The woman started marching to the palace and started attacking the King and Queen. When these angry woman were attacking the King left to Austria and so did the Queen but the guards brought them back. The Queen and King got killed after they got caught.

The Reign of Terror:

The Reign of Terror is when the Guillotine which is a huge machine where they chop off people's head. The Guillotine line was used to chop off King Louis XVI head. 40,000 people were killed. 16,000 people including Marie Antoinette and Olympe de Gouges, died by the Guillotine. Maximilien Robespierre gained control of the new revolutionary government. Later on he was executed for treason. During the Terror people from all classes were killed and they made up almost 15 years of the victims. The Reign of Terror contributed to the rise of Democracy and Republic in two ways. One is the right to vote and the other is freedom.

The Rise of Napoleon:

Emperor Napoleon's reforms of the French Revolution is not that complex. When he came to power in 1799 he brought it to an end. He rose quickly through his military success, the year of 1792 he became captain. Two years later, at the age of 24, the committee of Public Safety made him a Brigadier General. The in 1796 he became Commander of the French Armies in Italy. He won a series of Battles with speed, and decisive action. His energy and initiative earned him the devotion of this troops. In 1797 he returned to France as a beloved hero.


On November 9, 1799, the French Revolution ended. Napoleon was crowned king to power 2 years after he came back as a beloved hero in 1797. The French Revolution contributed to Democracy by all of the events that have to do with our rights or laws.

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