The Cultural Impact of the Beatles

The Beatles was an English rock and pop band that was active during the 1960s and was recognized as the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed in the history of popular music. This band was formed since 1962 by John Lennon who was the rhythm guitarist and vocalist, Paul McCartney who played the bass and was a vocalist, George Harrison who was guitar soloist and vocalist and finally Ringo Starr who played the drums also the vocalist. The band worked with different musical genres such as pop ballads and psychedelic rock, but also integrating classical elements for an innovative way in their songs. His big popularity emerged mainly with progressive ideals as they extended their influence in the community and cultural revolutions of the 1960s.

In the first half of the decade of the 60, the name The Beatles would appear as the definitive name of the band. The traditional version was based on the initiative of Stuart Sutcliffe, roommate of John Lennon who in January 1960 had joined the group as a bassist. Lennon for his part according to the stories and the media, contributed a play on words, changing the syllable “beet”, for “beat”, which in English sounds the same, with reference to the beat movement that made up the band.

The Beatles influence in popular culture was and remains gigantic. The way people worked for the construction of popular music, No one will be more revolutionary, more creative and more distinctive as they were The Beatles written by the editor Robert Greenfield Since the 1920s, Based on their roots in rock and roll, they became an influential worldwide phenomenon and in the United States had the popular culture of entertainment through Hollywood movies, jazz, Broadway music and Tin Pan Alley and, later, the rock and roll that first emerged in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Beatles were the first to innovate music videos. The originality of their clothing and especially their hairstyles, became a rebellious brand, because it had a big impact on fashion and society in their commercial success, have inspired musicians from all over the world. Many artists have recognized them as influences in their productions. In the middle of the radio, the appearance of the four musicians marked the beginning of a new era in the music media.

The Beatles changed the way the people listened to popular music and experienced that role in their own lives. This band came to be perceived by its young fanatics as the representatives of the ideals associated with cultural transformation. As icons of the counterculture of the 1960s, they became activism in various social and political spheres and inspired movements such as women’s liberation, gay liberation, and environmentalism.

All in all, The Beatles a group composed of artists who had a great influence in the cultural and musical in the society, treating the rights to the woman, environmentalism among others by means of the music generating great steps in the community. Also, winners of many recognitions at the universal level where their musical genre passed through all the generations with the same force from the beginning.

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