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The Beatles Clydesdale, Greg. Creativity and Competition: The Beatles. Creativity Research Journal 2006, Vol. 18, no. 2, 2006, pp. 129–139.

Competitiveness and creativity go hand in hand in the music industry as the goal is to get to the top of the charts. Clydesdale's journal offers research and insight on the power of creativity and what processes are taken by artist's to attain a world class title in their field. He uses the Beatle's as a case study to show how motivation and competitive drive pushes artists to broaden their horizons creating the desire to improve continuously. Clydesdale goes on to explain how competition not only existed between members in the group to write songs, but also between other successful artistic groups that were popular at that time. As various groups like the Beatles rose to fame, the study analyzes the creative process that creates the bond between the artists and their fans that follow them. An experienced journalist, Clydesdale presents the research from the study in a professional and thorough manner.

Clydesdale is with the Department of Management and International Business at Massey University, in Albany. The fact that this author has management and international business knowledge makes this study valuable and credible. His insight throughout this journal has many platforms that support the research. Clydesdale was sure to include additional work cited from other credible sources to support the study. The information and text analyzed in this journal will be pertinent to my paper as it will offer the in-depth creative processes that the Beatle's worked through to attain their success so quickly. It will show the timeline in their rise to fame and how they took their place in music history creating a huge fan following. I will be able to show how music connects with our culture. Greenberg, Steve. How the Beatles Went Viral.How The Beatles Went Viral, Vol. 1, no. 1, 18 Jan. 2014, pp. 24–33., Beatles. Greenberg's article shows how the Beatles went from nobody knowing who they were, to becoming the most popular pop stars in America. They were the biggest cultural sensation, the author explained. Greenberg discusses how quickly the Beatles became a success and the various platforms that exploded their career. The author explains how media, radio, and live performances introduced the Beatlemania fanfare! Greenberg speaks about how word of mouth going viral can be the biggest creation of activity and gossip that launched the Beatles forward into mainstream media.

Author Greenberg was former president of Columbia records and clearly has a professional background in producing music. He is also Founder and CEO of S-Curve Records, so his credibility is strong in the music industry. The author's intention for this article was to reach out to society and open their eyes as to how quickly artists can climb the ladder to success through media and being seen and heard. It's a powerful thing. This source is somewhat reflective since the author is speaking from his experience with artists, such as the Beatle's. Although much of his information is fact and is backed by evidence, like the top billboards Hot 100s list, he still shares thoughts on his own connection with the artists. This isn't such a bad thing because living it is the best type of fact and experiences you're going to get. In my paper I can connect the mainstream media launch to show support of how much and how quickly media spreads and how it can turn a nobody into a somebody in just six weeks!

Inglis, Ian. The Continuing Story of John Lennon.The Continuing Story of John Lennon, Vol. 22 , no. 5, Dec. 2005, pp. 451–455.Critical Studies in Media Communication, doi: 10.1080/07393180500497276.

In this article, Ian Inglis speaks about the death of legend, John Lennon, and his affect on the many fans that grew to love, respect, appreciate his dedication and true passion for his work. The author reflects on the impact he made on the world, not to just music lovers, but to all people worldwide. Inglis reflects on his life, his status beyond music, his love of art and literature, and his unending connection to people. Finally, Inglis brings to the reader's attention, how Lennon's life and song writing was influenced by politics, literature, people, art; a little bit of everything, that clearly was reflected in the songs he wrote. Dr. Inglis is a talented writer that has published many successful books to include; performance and popular music, society, film, and of course, the Beatle's. In addition, the author is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Northumbria. Based on his descriptive analysis of the life of John Lennon, it is clear that this was a critical study on all stages of Lennon's life, and the authors work included other reputable works cited from other sources that are referenced.

This article is relevant for my paper because it is a representation of one of the Beatle's lives and his significance as a song writer, as well as a regular human being that used his life events to be the road map to his music. I will show how politics, and media played an important role in Lennon's journey through the music industry. How popular icons can still be recognized, loved and valued for decades, even when they are no longer on this Earth. John Lennon is a part of our culture and history forever. Roka, Les. A Day in the Life of American Music Criticism .A Day in the Life of American Music Criticism, Vol. 30, no. 1, 2004.Communication & Mass Media Complete, Beatles. Music is criticized for many reasons, some legitimate and some that aren't relevant. Roka discusses how critics speak out about a song from the Beatle's, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club album. The author explains how this was an ongoing debate amongst critics that wrote for pop and classical audiences. These critics had an issue with the artistic legitimacy of rock music. Roka analyzes the differences between the rock versus classical musical expression. Assistant professor in journalism and communication, Les Roka, has studied the impact and transformation of music criticism in the United States. Roka's love of music led him to become a professional musician, which makes this article a credible source. The author lists a large amount of additional works cited in this article. This article is part of Roka's dissertation, which shows his experiences with scholarly reports. This source will have an impact on my paper in regard to connecting the history associated with the Beatles into a discussion of impact and importance. Many of their songs have an agenda behind them and some songs point to history, social unrest and rebellion.

Tessler, Holly. Let It Be? Exploring The Beatles Grey Market, 1970–1995.Let It Be? Exploring The Beatles Grey Market, 1970–1995, [PMH 9.1 , 2014, pp. 48–63., doi: 10.1558/pomh.v9i1.27618.

Tessler's journal follows the breakup of the Beatle's and the issues revolving around the Beatle's brand. It speaks of the Beatle's grey market after the breakup of the group and explains the illegal happenings of using and selling copyrighted Beatle's materials. The author provides insight to the many dismantling issues that occurred during the breakup, including members of the band going solo and finding other outlets that allowed the group and its music to be seen in other ways. All in all, the Beatle's approval rate in music and for their fans still created a market for Beatle's materials and music.

The author shows the pros and the cons to the unfortunate breakup of the Beatle's. Experienced Senior Lecturer in Commercial Music in the School of Media, Holly Tessler, shares her passion for music and the music industry, including popular music culture and cultural branding, by researching various interests in the field. Tessler's knowledge in music makes her a credible source to step inside the grey market provide comprehensive information that is detailed and professional. The information stated in this journal is beneficial for my paper because it shows the disband of a once very successful popular group and the pros and cons involving the brand name when separating. Most of us know how to handle success and growth, but when it comes to possible failure of one thing or another, there is no simple solution. The Beatle's were incredibly popular and successful in their prime. I will show readers what happens to stakeholders, managers, members of the band, and fans, when life throws a fork in the road.

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