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A fairy tale is a tale or story, regularly meant for children, that landscapes imaginary and phenomenal characters such as elves, goblins, wizards, and even, but not necessarily, fairies. Fairy tales are usually conventional; many were passed down from story-teller to story-teller before being recorded in books. The significance of fairy tales being written for children is predominantly seen in a lot of Walt Disney works such as; Snow White, Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin and many others. Fairy tales add a lot of moral dimension and relations to the real world which is very important to child literature.

Fairy tales are imperative since they trigger the child’s imagination. They give us a channel for undergoing things in our minds because we can have experiences of this through realism in our world. Where interests of the real world meet the magical world. In a fairy tale, all sorts of things can happen and any kind of being could exist, and whilst something can ensue, we could uncover results to things that may have occurred in our lives. Within creativity, we learn about the realism within our world. We have the option to explore effects and opportunities. The ingenuity phase of things is why it is meaningful for children and their way of learning things. Fairy tales help a lot with understanding literature in ways we probably envisioned.

We see this significance in the Snow-White fairy tale. Snow-White is the protagonist in the story and the wicked queen is the antagonist. Snow-White personifies the human soul. Snow-White is living life with an absent father but she befriends the seven dwarfs who offer a male influence which is common in the real world with how a lot of women grow up without fathers and have no male influence so it causes a raft in the way they view men and usually struggle in relationships or just with dealing with men in general. Western society, only consists of one billion people, continues to be isolated from eastern cultures and the acknowledgment that a possibility of a higher state of consciousness exists. Every event and character in some symbolic manner pertains to the central theme of Snow’s individualization and spiritual transformation.

Snow-White had interpretations of the three colors: white, red and black, which also is brought up in other fairy tales. So, we can see the significance that these colors represent when it comes to these fairy tales. Imagery has always been a major thing with child literature because it helps their young brains develop easier and more better. Processing colors and the names of the colors help with the imagery sense of learning. the colors are found in alchemical texts, Indian philosophy, and Egyptian culture. The colors symbolize the open-minded refinement of matter and mind. This means to me that the ancients were very much aware of the enlightenment process. The underlying meaning of the three colors cannot be decoded without understanding alchemy.  The three colors are used to symbolize Snow-White’s evolution into higher consciousness. This how authors use moral dimension and elements in their stories by adding a correlation to the real world. Even though it is a fairy tale you can still find relations to the real world all throughout these fairy tales.

From a psychosomatic outlook, the Queen is Snow Whites shadow. From a superior belvedere, she symbolizes the joint dynamisms aligned against the singular spiritual fruition. So symbolically speaking the wicked Queen is both the inner and outer force of evil. Snow-White delivers like a primitive ethics play that pits a wicked Queen, devoted to her deceiving contemplations, against the innocuous and untainted unsophisticated Snow White, representing the humanoid ambiance. Whilst, roaming on the path to higher consciousness, it is important to be totally mindful of ones’ secret desires as there are vibrant beings ready to consume adverse or vibrations, who are anti-divine.

Another example of how authors use moral dimension in the story of Snow-White and the Dwarfs is by the Dwarfs representing the idealism of perfection. Everything the seven dwarfs have are in sevens. They represent the seven chakras which helps the mind, body and soul achieve perfection, which is what Snow-White is attaining in this case. Paramhans Swami Maheshwaranda explains the seven chakras as “a powerhouse in the way each generates and stores energy, with the energy from the cosmos pulled in more strongly at these points. The main Nadis, Ida, Pingala and Shushumna (sympathetic, parasympathetic), and central nervous system run along the spinal column in a curved path and cross one another several times. At the points of intersection, they form strong energy centers known as chakras. In the human body, there are three types of energy centers. The lower or animal chakras are located in the region between the toes and the pelvic region indicating our evolutionary origins in the animal kingdom. The human chakras lie along the spinal column. Finally, the higher or divine Chakras are found between the top of the spine and the crown of the head.”  The dwarfs help Snow-White to develop a cognizant awareness of the evil and good in the world, a progression that centrals to her vital achievement. The dwarfs gave Snow-White an ultimatum which was to take care of their house and do the chores and whatnot and she could stay with them, and she agreed upon this. This is the old-fashioned womanly path to contentment, surrendering personal narcissism for the better good of the family, just the monotonous responsibilities which require continued attentiveness over the years, and acquiring how to be satisfied in the present-day. Snow-White uncovers her own kindhearted human traits, through persistence, loss, and friendship. The modest ambiance of the hut and her hard works helps to cultivate her individuality.

Another fairytale that exemplifies how authors uses elements and moral dimension is Cinderella. Cinderella represents certain story elements such as a lust and expectation for love and acknowledgement, determined for an enhanced standard of living, and eventually the accomplishment of good over evil, which can be comprehended and cherished on an entire parallel. Due to its sympathetic elements, Cinderella purpose is as a costume tale; a story whose scheme is not profoundly rooted in a traditional setting, or compelling specific cultural elements to be contemporary. Consequently, accepting it to be adaptable in its effectiveness, being open to navigate all modes of cultural and social environments with only slight disparity to the original tale. Cinderella had to overcome a lot of adversity with the fact that her father was out searching for a new wife due to the mother dying. But in the story, we see that the father marries a horrendous woman who is very mean and only cares about herself. She also comes along with two daughters who are very disrespectful and mean just like their mother. The girls make Cinderella do everything around the house as if she is a slave and have no rights in the world and the father never pays any mind to it. It’s a very unfortunate situation for her. Again, this is something than relates to the real world with how a child’s parents remarry someone who has kids and they treat them like straight garbage.

To make a long story short Cinderella goes to the ball where there is a prince and the prince and Cinderella wind up getting married and happily ever after. The moral dimension is the family situation she had to deal with like I mentioned with the whole thing of children parents getting remarried with others who also have kids. It’s a hard adjustment. But through all that she went through she comes out victorious because in the real world you find so many women and people in general who go through adversity in their childhood and then grow up and win in life because they stayed on the right path and did what they had to survive long enough for them to be blessed and come out on top and live the life they aspired to live all along. The universal element of love that humans possess is something we saw with Cinderella. She was just a young woman who wanted to be loved by everyone. Another element was the overcoming’s of the good vs evil battle that she had to deal with it. With the evil being her in-laws with her stepsisters and stepmother. Anna Aragno explained that, “The polarization of our nature into “good and bad” and the anthropomorphic externalizations of these impulsions have been with us for millennia, providing inspiration for magical rites, representational forms, and the cornucopia of dramas, narratives, and artworks to which they give expression” . This good vs evil battle can be seen all throughout modern civilization with religion being at the forefront of it with Satan fall from grace starting the war with him and God. It has made all these beliefs and rituals and principles that define what is good and what is evil. Cinderella fairy tale possesses many elements with correlation of moral dimension just like Snow-White. The good vs evil thing is really the biggest thing to be honest because we are constantly battling ourselves, and the world. Every day we encounter some sort of obstacle that has evil written all over it but then a good thing will happen if we don’t let the evil overpower us. Fairy tales are extremely helpful and informative on these real-world trials and tribulations which is why fairytales will and have always be around and be a major influence in child literature.

Nonetheless, I have come to conclusion that fairy tales have been changed to fit what’s going on in the world at the time because all the major fairy tales have been rewritten or reproduced in plays and movies to fit the current standards of whatever time it is. But despite that the fairytales overall message is never messed with but only enhanced. With the 21st century and technology advancements we have been able to find out more elements in these fairy tales. Fairy tales have given us the ability to relate to one another and find correlations to our lives. And again, it all falls back on good vs evil and the adversities. And in the end, it’s all about the outcome that we all aspire to triumph to. 

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