The 5 Best Places to Retire Around the World

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Have you thought much about your retirement? Many active seniors are finding a new lust for life by retiring in another country or even owning a second home there to escape from the ordinary as they see fit and explore another way of life.

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“The 5 Best Places to Retire Around the World”

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Island countries in the Caribbean might come to mind as affordable destinations to unpack for retirement, however they aren’t the only places you’ll find where you can spend your golden years without going broke.

These are the 5 best places to retire around the world.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Our neighbors to the north are a welcoming bunch, particularly in Ottawa. Consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in Canada, it has all the things most retirees desire. As the nation’s capital, it has many conveniences and attractions that make it a good place to call home full time or even seasonally. Many parks and greenspaces are available for outdoor recreation along the two rivers. There are also numerous museums and galleries. This is the place where the Canadian Tulip Festival is held every spring, a tradition that’s been going on since 1952.

Even just outside Ottawa, there are smaller communities that have rapidly-rising real estate values without losing out on the quaintness of the small town feel. Wherever you choose, you’ve got a great place to retire for around $1,500 per month.

Mazatlán, Mexico

Nestled halfway down the Pacific coast of Mexico is Mazatlán. This beautiful beachside retreat has been refurbished to recapture the historic center of the city, retaining its old world charm while giving it just the kind of modern conveniences it takes to make you happy. While conveniences abound, the beaches here are mostly deserted, allowing for that perfect peace and quiet. Plaza Machado has many bustling cafés and delightful restaurants while along the eastern border of it, Calle Carnaval awaits, a pedestrian-only avenue.

Another thing that makes Mazatlán so enticing is that you can drive there from the continental US. Access is easy from Highway 15D coming from the Arizona border and only a short plane ride from Phoenix at 2 hours. There are many expats living here so you won’t feel completely isolated, however the welcoming Mexican culture will have you feeling like family in no time, all at an estimated $1,400 monthly.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand is one of the most affordable countries in Asia. It’s an exotic location, something the adventurous retiree can appreciate. While Thai culture is a bit traditional, the growing expat community, particularly in Chiang Mai, makes it fun and busy. You’re likely to make friends from every corner of the world, all of them looking to live a new and exciting life while being welcomed in by the locals.

Eating well in Chiang Mai is another reason to live here. The food is delicious and fresh, and incredibly cheap. You’ll also have the advantage of hundreds of beautiful Buddhist temples to explore daily and plenty of opportunities for an active lifestyle. You can estimate roughly $1,300 monthly for the cost of living.

Algarve, Portugal

A popular yachting destination, the Algarve is filled with cute whitewashed houses and cobblestone-paved streets. The stunning Atlantic coastline beckons, making this shimmering oasis the perfect place for retirement for those that love beach life and golfing. Best of all, it’s much more affordable than other ritzy locales and it has the charm of the old world lifestyle.

You’ll want to consider Silves in the valleys along the Arade River. It’s warm here year-round, so if you like summery weather, this is the place for you. Lagoa is a bit smaller and closer to the ocean. There are many other places you might want to consider in the Algarve of Portugal, all of them filled with friendly people and tasty Portuguese cuisine. The cost of this understated opulence should run you a very affordable $1,800 a month.

Abruzzo, Italy

Think Italy is out of budget? Think again! Abruzzo is a delightful region in central Italy that is much more affordable than Umbria or Tuscany and gives you both sparkling coastline and mountains to enjoy. If you enjoy being active, you can snow ski and swim here with ease, sometimes even in the same day. Plus, Abruzzo puts you close to the rest of Europe so you can jet off to other destinations for incredibly low-cost airfare.

The old world style here is a prime reason to choose it, yet you’ll find modern conveniences waiting for you. Italy, as it turns out, has some of the best healthcare available in the world today. The cost of living is remarkably low too, even being just an hour train ride outside of Rome. For those that love Italian food and wine, culture, and hospitality, choosing Abruzzo is a splendid choice for retirement, one that costs roughly $1,500 per month.

Now that you’re retiring, you’re going to have the chance to enjoy your time. Make your money count for you by choosing places around the world to retire that make living easy, affordable, and unique. You can feel like you’re on vacation every day at these beautiful locations. Or if you’re not quite ready to give up American life for good, you can always purchase a second home in one of these locations and spend your favorite time of year there.

Who says you have to retire to Florida when you can have the world instead?

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