American Civil War (1861-1865)

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The Northern region was divided into two sections; The Northwest and the Northeast. Northern region is home to12 national forests located in the Northeastern section. The Northern region is also known for their scenic rivers, congressionally designated wilderness areas, historic trails, and much more. While looking around at the landscape, you might come across some eye-catching wildflowers!

The Southern region is one of the most distinct regions in America. It is known for the devastation (socially and economically) from the American Civil War (1861-1865). The south was first settled by English protestants. Southern settlers grew wealthy by raising in selling tobacco and cotton, especially in the coastal areas. These plants grew on large farms which caused a large amount of human labor, meaning people relied on slaves to collect and harvest the plants. Plantation owners gathered slaves from Africa, which led to slavery being spread throughout the south. Slavery was the biggest issue between the north and the south. Northerners thought that this was in moral and not the way of life. Eleven states left the south because of this problem. This led to the Civil War. The defeat of the south led to the end of slavery. The midwestern region is mostly planes, or large flat grasslands

The Midwestern region is mostly plains, or large flat grasslands. The Midwest contains the major waterways of the Mississippi River, which is fed by many other waterways. The region is good for farming because of its fertile soil and climate. Many crops that grow in this area include: Corn, oats, and wheat.

The Western Region is very mountainous and is known for its scenic beauty. The humid winds from the Pacific-Ocean that blow over the region keep the landscape very moist. Because of the beautiful scenery, warm weather, and wilderness, people use this location for activities such as, camping, hiking, fishing, and more.

The landmark I have chosen from the Northern region is the US Capitol building. I chose this because this is where people meet to debate new laws.

The landmark I chose for the Southern region is the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. I chose this landmark because it is a military base and my mom is in the military too.

The landmark I chose for the midwestern region is the Mall of America. I chose this landmark because I love shopping at the mall. There are also many other activities in the Mall of America other than shopping that I enjoy.

The landmark I chose for the western region is the Golden Gate bridge. I chose this landmark because the Golden Gate bridge has always interested me with its beautiful design. Even though it is a very popular Bridge in San Francisco, it was always shown in a program called “Charmed.” That Bridgeway is always shown in the opening credits.

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