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There are many Companies out there who are trying to break the chain of driven cars into making self-driving cars. One company in particular is going above and beyond and making sure they are taking advantage of the cutting-edge technology today. I will discuss how can Tesla's mission, vision, values and goals create a better culture for future leaders? The challenges which caused discrepancy and it took the company to reform and change their leadership, mission, vision, values. In order to achieve a greater goal everyone must see eye to eye with each other in another to improve the greater purpose and to develop new strategies, so the company can run efficiently. In this research paper, we will discuss different aspects of Tesla Motors company's leadership. We will also discuss the mission, vision, values, and goals of the company. We will also analyze the chats or table to understand production. Tesla Motors is continuing making difficult decisions to thrive and keeping their business maintain and prospers. I am interested in exploring and analyzing more after the recent departure of CEO Elon Musk in 2018. I am interested to see if Tesla Motors will grow and compete against their competitors. Tesla motors have gain public's interest since 2003 and now, let's see how they maintain that relationship.

Keywords: Tesla Motors Company, leader, mission, vision, goals, values, strategies, management

Leaders of manufacturing industry: Tesla Motors Company

Tesla Motors Company was found in July 1, 2003 in San Carlos California. Tesla Motors was founded by Martin Eberhard and his partner Marc Tarpenning on July 1, 2003. Tesla Motors was derived from Nikola Tesla. In series a funding, Tesla Motors was then joined by Elon Musk who is now the CEO of the company and Ian Wright to which they were consider themselves co-founders of the company. As of today, Tesla Motors is still flourishing, it has hired 45,000 employees and laid off ~ 4,000 employees. Tesla has self-driving features currently in their cars but however it's currently disabled. Self-driving cars are on the horizon and maybe part of the future. Vehicles with partially automated driving capabilities are already across America roadway. Self-driving cars will be a revolution not just for drivers and traffic patterns, but as well for the transportation industry as a whole.


Tesla's mission is a great achievement in terms of laying out companies goals. It covers all kinds of products the company sells, the market extension of the business, and the market geo location of the company. "Most potential investors thought their idea was too risky because no company in the auto industry had managed to successfully develop a car" Biscontini, 2015). Tesla's main focus is the help the world diminish the fossil fuels generations so it can no longer dependence on carbon fuel and transmission towards a cleaner air with the help of renewable energy. In order to achieve their goals, Tesla will need to leap in technologies which naturally welcomes a high level of surveillance and a proactive approach to safety.


In its corporate vision statement, Tesla, Inc. ambition is to be the most fascinating in the industry. This announces its leadership and excellence in the business. The company approaches this aims by integrating advanced technology in its electric automobiles and related results. Tesla is a company with strong brand image that creates a great value. Tesla's vision statement is related to the future and it expresses the desired future positions.


Tesla had many values over the course since it began its main operation and started serving the public. Tesla vales are to respect and encourage people by giving them hope so they can create very unique and the best product so they can make easy on for the public and gain much profit to put it into new products. Tesla always valued and admire the people working for the company of how they learned the products and do their jobs very efficiently. Tesla pushes their employees to keep learning and contently change the future. Tesla employees can then understand and work with each other to create greater accomplishments. The most and not the least is to respect the environment. When creating great products Tesla makes sure that the environment is safe and clean for the future generation to which they will use the space to create future accomplishments.


Tesla has an innovative problem-solving organizational culture. Its strategy is to create a corporate culture for the employees and develop a product that can resolve a solution related to environmental issues. The company addresses this need through a corporate culture that rewards managers to motivate the employees to contribute constant innovation in business processes and output. Also, Tesla's corporation is continuously researching and developing ideas and solutions that can improve their efficiency and competency on the international markets. Tesla applies its generic strategy to achieve competitive demand against similar firms in the global autonomous markets. "Tesla believed cars should be far more effective and should out run the compaction" (Harwell, D, 2018). Tesla was goals were very successful before when they tried to make the new model for the car. It have a lot of dedication behind that model from when they started. Today, the model 3 is extremely competitive and resourceful. Companies at that time struggled to compete with the Tesla but was not prosperous.


In its evaluation, Tesla must ensure that its corporate culture motivate employees to be more creative in a most effective ways. This cultural characteristic focus on the importance of new ideas and solutions, however it must also emphasizes the benefit of considering unique approach. For example, human resource managers train employees to go beyond current limits of advantageous and creativity in automotive design, leading to the evolution of new solutions to energy and transport needs. This condition opens new opportunities for Tesla to strategically improve its business performance. This cultural condition also makes the company a famous entity in prompting profound ideas in the international automotive and energy solutions market. This condition opens new opportunities for Tesla to critical improve its culture and its conditions to make the company more influent in its international presents. Tesla worked hard to innovate the production of its cars to year to year

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