Taking Responsibility for One’s own Actions

I do possess a strong attitude when it comes to accepting responsibility for my own actions, I am always looking for new ways to improve myself, my job, and my relationships I believe that once total responsibility is accepted for everything that has happened in one’s life, solutions to life’s difficulties can be instantly found.

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“Taking Responsibility for One’s own Actions”

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A negative person who likes to play the blame game might blame others for their stress load whereas somebody who accepts total responsibility for their outcomes will get got out of that state sooner they own the fact that they are responsible for the company they keep If you’re not happy with the situation and have taken responsibility for it, you are able to find a solution – in this case, by getting out of an unhealthy relationship.

When you accept responsibility, you accept a willingness to develop your character and in doing that, the stronger your character will become and your life will be improved as a result of this respons is owning your own life (ability to respond)

What can you do to increase the strength of this attitude?

To increase the strength of taking responsibility one must self-evaluate. Whether it be daily, weekly or monthly, create an inventory list on what’s working and what’s not, with this one can always progress and become. Another method to increase ones attitude is not getting overwhelmed by our own judgement and always taking accountability for everything experienced.

What things would you say during an interview to demonstrate that you possess the career readiness competency of ownership/accepting responsibility?

Stability –Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

No employer wants to invest time and money in an employee just to have them quit within a couple months. They want to see you working with a business for an acceptable period of time. When asked “Where do you see yourself in the next five years?” they’re actually looking for stability and a response that shows that you have goals set my response to this question would be “I see myself having earned my business degree, working towards my Masters. I also see myself holding the title of supervisor in the higher claims department.

Employers don’t only want employees that will show up to work, they want you to be on-time. Giving examples of times I’ve been relied on shows responsibility and turning up fifteen to twenty minutes early to interview proves that I can be organised and punctual.

Employers inquire about weaknesses, time management, how you got a positive outcome out of a negative one etc to see how well you work under pressure.

“While attending college, I also worked at a medical clinic. I was successful due to practice of good time management skills, and made to do list every day. As I completed each task, I checked it off the list. As a result of my to-do lists, I was able to visualize my daily progress.”

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