Swimming is a Sport

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To swim in a front crawl, you must have the correct body position, arm movement, leg movement and breathing pattern. You must keep your body in a streamline position, your body horizontal and your head straight down. The arms must glide through the water and go straight forward, not just plop. While bringing it back, you bring it straight back and up, then back forward. To propel forward your legs must remain straight out and your feet flutter in the water like propellers. After three strokes you swiftly turn your head to one side and take a deep, yet quick breath. Once your face returns to the water, breathe out through your nose, take three more strokes and continue the steps.

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“Swimming is a Sport”

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To begin a backstroke, you may want to begin by holding on to the starting block. After you push off, you begin a backwards streamline. Much like the freestyle, you keep your legs straight forward and begin a flutter kick like a propeller. To begin the arm movement you reach all the way back, turn your hand to cup the water and pull yourself by your arms underneath the water. The breathing for this stroke is simple. All you must do is breathe. Because you’re on your back, you do not need to take “breathing breaks”.

To do the elementary backstroke, you must push off the starting block and glide much like the backstroke. Bend the elbows and tuck them near your armpits and bend your knees and bring your knees in towards your butt. Push out in a circular motion and bring them back in to your sides. Since you’re on your back, you will be able to breathe normally.

To do the butterfly stroke you dive off the starting block and begin a streamline. When you come up, bring your hands together in a praying position and at the same time push your legs out in a circular motion. Bring your legs together and almost hug your body with your arms and legs. Push back out in a circular motion and bring your arms back into the praying position. As soon as you bring your hands together, lift your face out of the water, face forward and breathe in. put your head back in the water and repeat the following steps.

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