SurveyMonkey Partners with Corporations to Address Silent Victims of Sexual Harassment

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SurveyMonkey CEO Zander Lurie announced today that they will be teaming up with major corporate companies to address silent victims of workplace sexual harassment. Every employee will be given the opportunity to honestly survey how safe they feel in their companies without the fear of losing their job.

Starting November 1, 2018 organizations will be provided with surveys to their employees online. The survey will be no more than 10 minutes long which will include 15 questions with the opportunity to give feedback. Organizations will have one month to have every employee to complete and once all employees successfully complete the survey, they will automatically be entered for one winner in each organization to win a free iPad. Winners will be announced at the end of each month.

The recent #metoo movement has many corporations trying to figure out how to reduce sexual harassment in their workplace. Corporations such as, Citi, Verizon, United Healthcare, and JetBlue Airplanes are among many of those who will be providing surveys to its employees starting next month through SurveyMonkey. SurveyMonkey’s Senior Vice President Lora Blum stated, “We believe corporations should be aware of the current state of sexual harassment in their organizations. This solution is easily implementable and in its simplest form to answer if there is harassment in the corporation. We don’t want any victims to stay silent in fear of retaliation. Every voice will be heard”

The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) did a three-year research study on sexual harassment in the place of work and uncovered that corporations rely only on complaints and training to determine the level of harassment. It proved complaints and training are not very effective because most victims do not report harassing behavior and the training does little to reduce harassing behavior.

Survey Monkey provides organizations a more accurate of the level and type of harassment experienced by the employees. The goal of providing anonymous and confidential surveys is to help organizations figure out what works and what doesn’t to reduce harassment and also to determine the effectiveness of their initiatives to reduce harassment. It will also alert organizations about existing or potential problems, and hold harassers accountable. It is crucial to review the outcome of the survey with the employees for change and to collaboratively close gaps within the organization's community.

Survey Monkey is the world’s leading survey platform that provides specialized solutions that make it easy to automatically collect the opinions of the people who matter to you and turn them into actionable insight. Founded in 1999 by Ryan Finley with over 700 employees throughout North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific dedicated to powering the curious. A platform that was built for simple survey learners to use, but powerful enough for a pro providing free and customizable surveys.

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