Sexual Harassment is a Powerful Way for People to Undermine and Control Others.

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Thank you for breaking your silence and having the courage to voice out abuse and sexual harassment, you are valiant and we see you, we hear you and we will continue to share your powerful stories. You guys are all strong for having to endure this silent pain whether it was because you had your family to care for, endless bills to pay, or because you had goals you wanted to accomplish.

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“Sexual Harassment is a Powerful Way for People to Undermine and Control Others.”

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Keep in mind that you are not to be blamed and the hurtful actions and words done and used against you are imposed sexual attention made by the perpetrator. I acknowledge that you didn’t ask to be here but remember that you are not what they took from you. You are the monument of survival and recovery that you erected in its place. Other victims, worldwide supporters including myself, love every healing part of you. As you follow the path to heal others through your story, these qualities I believe are intrinsic to your spirit but they are also hard-won to find a way to keep living. It is the most powerful weapon against violence, marginalizing the media landscape that rendered you invisible.

It is the act of unwanted conduct of a sexual nature that is either physical or verbal with the sole purpose or effect of violating someone’s dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, and offensive environment for the victim(s). It causes them to feel as if their physical attributes are their main value which sabotages any skills, talents or insights for them to perform at their full potential. It can sometimes result in bodily harm or injury, as well as psychological and emotional trauma. The perpetrators may also unknowingly get a pleasant relief from the routine or it is a way that they communicate using banter with someone they are interested in, but it does not mean that it is acceptable or appropriate behavior.

Statistically out of every 1,000 sexual assault cases, 310 are reported to the police. That indicates that if we paired up in groups of 4 within this classroom, then 3 people from each group will not report a current or previous sexual assault incident. The victims stated the following reasons on why he or they did not openly speak about this worldwide issue such as; feared retaliation, they believed that even if they sought for help, they will unfortunately not receive it, it was a personal matter, believed that it did not hold a significant amount of importance to report, they did not wish to get the perpetrator in any legal trouble, and others refused to This impropriety can weigh heavily on any victim’s mind, regardless of gender, age, or nationality due to dehumanization and being silenced and stripped from having any more sense of normality. The disruption of those acts and words carry tremendous tidal forces, a real current of pain, deep loss, and a shattering of life. My friend’s survival and growing self-assuredness taught me about courage, faith, and determination. Her efforts to keep herself stable did not go unnoticed but there can be no doubt that she took a herd’s journey.

Resolutions that I believe can be a starting point to minimize sexual harassment would be if victims could step forward when they feel comfortable enough file a report and or publically speak out to create change in the silence that surrounds this crime. It can help as a recovery mechanism to end the false sense of shame that survivors often carry. You can pay attention to your boundaries and if someone is getting too close or making remarks that is not within your comfort zone then don’t be afraid to speak out and address the unwanted and uninvited communication and or contact. Many people including myself remain committed in helping those who are victims and believing them openly and vocally. We will ensure to raise awareness and offer help with your battle and ideological dedication for justice

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