Summary and Analysis: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

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In Ayn Rands published novel Atlas Shrugged she stated that there are two different types of people in the world. The people who live to create and those who want to live as parasites feeding of the creations. She created a fictional world in which the creators of the world left leaving the parasites or looters as the novel labels them having to survive on their own. As a student who is learning about the history of europe I have found that the information in chapter called the aristocracy of pull has been the most valuable to me because in this chapter she talks about the definition of money and how it is brought in. While at the same time she talks about what money can bring to a man. The reason I found this chapter helpful contain a better government as it is elected by the people. I do agree with Ayn Rands idea that there are two different type of people in the world the creators and the looters. The parasites are criminals in many ways and they can be seen as anyone who runs from difficulty. 

Looters cannot provide necessities so they steal or attack those that do provide necessities. They act as a champion for underdogs in an economy that is collapsing. Ayn Rand states a society  Rand 413 Ayn Rand is saying that if a society lets looters feel safe and let their creators run away. That society will fall as laws are written to protect them from you. Looters believe that just because they are alive they should be respected and loved. Not because of accomplishments or achievements. For these types of people the existence of anything innovative strong or brave is frightening. This sums to them adjusting to a looters life taking from those who attempt what looters cannot do. In the novel there is a great example of a looter james taggart. He is a man of moral depravity as he believed that he was helping out the world by holding back his sister dagny. Dagny an idealistic objectivist is a creator who is vice president of operations for her families railroad company. Another creator is hank rearden he is a steel manufacturer who started his own company. 

However his mother believed that the looters should be given the resources they need as she said: virtue is the giving of the undeserved Rand 265 if looters gain their necessities by allowing the creators to their work for them. Looters will never change and the world will always have two different people. Looters believe that goodness arises from begging forgiveness and living on ones knees. Ayn argues that living of others is an act of crime and an act of being dishonorable. She believes that looters should not be able to live off people who earn their living while at the same time making a better world. The makers of the world created for the good of the people and for the progress of humanity. They live life up to one's own personal potential and they do not stop until their goal is finished. In the novel the characters dagny taggart hank rearden and john galt are all creators or the good of society. John galt as seen as the hero in this novel gave dagny and hank freedom to create without the looters attempting to steal pieces of their work. However even though they were granted this freedom hank still left this valley of dreams because he had to return to the normal world as he was living an unrealistic atlantis. 

For creators each day is a test of their intellect strength and ability. Ayn believed that creators lived not because they chose to however because they have to. She believes that every creator has a role in life. Ayn wrote whatever we are its we who move the world and its we wholl pull it through. Rand 81 hank rearden hear says that creators are the only thing that moves this world to progress and that the fate of this world rests on their shoulders. These people represent everything that is beautiful and honest in this world. They are the mental and physical representation of everything which is right just and fair in this world. Ayn Rand gave them a second role

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